Edifier Exclaim Connect e10BT Multimedia Speakers Review

Exclaim Connect e10BT

The Edifier Exclaim Connect e10BT Multimedia Speakers are very stylish, versatile and good quality.

Over the weekend I have been trying out the Exclaim Connect e10BT Multimedia Speakers from Edifier.

I have always been impressed with speakers from Edifier. They always have their own unique look, easy connectivity and sound great.

Today I have been trying out the Exclaim Connect e10BT 2.0 bookshelf speakers for PC, Laptop or Tablet and again they have a very unique look, to me they look like a snail.

These speakers have a total output of 36W, RMS 8W x 2 + 10W x 2 (DRC on), 3 inch subwoofer and two 3 inch radiators on each speaker giving a total of 6 active speakers drivers for maximum effect. The speakers measure 10.5cm x 31cm x 18cm (W x H x D).

Setup is very easy, in the box is an active speaker which connects to the passive speaker with a 1.8 metre lead (enough length to stretch across the desk), the power plugs into the active speaker. You can either connect by the 3.5mm audio connecting cable to your device, buy who wants wires? So I connected by Bluetooth. To connect by Bluetooth is very simple, turn on Bluetooth on your device, in my case Tablet, scan for devices and then select the Edifier speakers. The speakers are then paired to your device and ready to use.

The controls (On/Off, Volume) are located on the active speaker on the side and no remote control is supplied, although you can control the volume from your device.


The sound quality produced is crisp and clear although not the loudest, but to fair is loud enough for gaming, video and listening to music for the user. I quite happily watched films on Netflix and these speakers are perfect for home use, in a louder environment the top volume may not be quite enough.

Overall, yet again Edifier have produced another set of very stylish, versatile and good quality speakers. The build quality is good and are perfect for desktop use as they don’t take up a lot of space yet deliver quality sound.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £99.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


I was given these speakers on loan for purposes of writing the review. The was written by me originally for www.whatsgoodtodo.com.


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