Do You Have What It Takes To Throw A Successful Dinner Party?

Dinner Party
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While they may not be as formal as the ones in the ’80s, plenty of people still enjoy throwing the odd dinner party for family and friends. However, before you invite your nearest and dearest over, it’s a smart idea to consider everything that goes into planning and throwing such a party. Keep reading to find out more.

Space & Furniture

First of all, to throw a successful dinner party you need to have enough space. After all, it won’t be much fun for your guests if you invite 30 but only have room for 5! With that in mind, unless you have an unusually large home, it’s best to keep things a little more intimate with a maxim of 10 people.

Indeed, keeping numbers low will help you in other areas as well, because with fewer people you won’t struggle to fit everyone around the table, or provide chairs either. Although, if you do find yourself in a situation where you need more furniture for your shindig, then it may be possible to hire items like chairs.


The clue is in the name here, in that when people come to a dinner party, they expect to be served dinner! Of course, you have two main options to consider here. The first is to buy food that is ready-made from an outsider caterer. Many high street stores like Waitrose and Marks and Spencers offer this type of service, although you will need to notify them and make your order several days in advance of your event.

The other option to consider is to make the food yourself, from scratch. To be able to achieve this you will need several things. The first is time, as cooking multiple courses, for a large group of people can take hours of hard work.

Next, you will need to make sure that you have access to the correct kitchenware for the dishes you want to cook. In particular, you will need enough pans to hold the right amount of food for your party and be sure to check any recipes for special equipment like bain marie.

Last, of all, you will need to collect all the necessary ingredients. Where possible it’s always best to go shopping for these the day before the party. Then, they will be nice and fresh, but you also give yourself enough time to track down any items that the shop has run out of before you need to begin cooking.


Finally, no dinner part is successfully based on the food alone. You will also need to provide some excellent entertainment to help your guests break the ice and keep them engaged throughout the evening.

Happily, there is a range of options to consider here from board games, to quizzes. Some people put on murder mystery evening or fireworks for their guests. You may even wish to push the boat out and lay on some live entertainment like a musical performance, or better yet why not ask your guest to prepare something to perform for the rest of the party?

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