A is For Autumn: Here’s How You Can Enjoy it Outside


When we talk about the charm of autumn and winter, we tend to focus on the comfortable sound of rain tapping on our windows on a cold and dark evening. Watching the first snow cover your street from the safety of your own home, and putting on yet another kettle as the next savage storm makes it unpleasant outside – it’s what the season is all about, right?

A few brave souls put their boots on nonetheless, though, and not just to walk their dog for fifteen minutes. They hike out to the forests, inhale the fresh scent of pine trees, and return home with treasures of delicious mushrooms and buckets full of blueberries. They use whatever leftovers they have of pumpkins after Halloween to cook up actual pumpkin soups – just as heavenly orange as they should be.

Here is a handful of great tips to get you outside this season too so that you can contribute to plucking the forest clean of mushrooms before the frost sets in.

Autumn camping

Those who hunt tend to enjoy more than just the thrill of looking for wildlife; they are nature-lovers, and there’s no better time to be out in the fresh air than the months between summer and winter. All the annoying insects are long gone, the temperature is more comfortable and not as suffocatingly warm – but still chilly enough for you to enjoy cosy sweaters and the spark of a campfire.

Go camping this autumn and bring your family and dog with you as well, even if you’re not that into hunting. Just make sure you have emergency clothes and plastic bags in case in starts raining, and invest in a proper tent too. It will make the experience so much better.

Cold weather BBQ

Cooking food over a fire is no new concept; it’s safe to say that it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. The heat of the fire and mouthwatering aromas of grilled meat works even better during autumn and winter than it does in summer, though, where we’d usually shy away from the fire to avoid sweating through the whole party.

Fire up the grill this weekend and treat your friends or family to a proper cold weather get-together. Use autumn flavours such as pumpkin, lamb, and mushrooms – and sprinkle a generous handful of rosemary over the food while it’s cooking. If you love BBQs but don’t really trust the British weather, you’ll find relief in one of these BBQ Huts – and it will keep you cooking throughout the winter too.

Go on a hike

The best way to enjoy the colourful changes and the prelude to winter is simply to throw on a warm jacket and step outside. Find a new path to walk on, bring your camera along, and spruce the hike up a bit by cycling instead of using your legs. When you genuinely enjoy nature, there should be nothing stopping you from admiring the landscape.

The key is, of course, proper clothing and a large can of hot chocolate. Decorate your home with some of the treasures you find along the way, cook with seasonal food, use autumn colours at home, and you should be able to consider yourself as close to nature as it gets.

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