Can’t Beat The Cotswolds


When we’re in the height of summer, most of us look as far afield as possible for vacation destinations. The sun may (occasionally) shine here at home, but our summer fever makes us want more, more, more. As such, we head to Barbados, Spain, and much more in our attempts to chase that sun.

But, when the weather changes, so too do our vacation habits. When the days wind down, and the leaves turn, many of us can think of nothing worse than heading to sunny climes. Instead, we hibernate in the evenings and get out those autumnal jumpers. And, if we do still fancy a vacation, we often decide to stick closer to home.

Here in the UK we have some fantastic autumnal destinations. So much so that you’ll be spoilt for choice. But, it’s fair to say that no destination has as much autumn appeal as the Cotswolds. And, here’s why.

The colours

Let’s be honest; the best part about autumn is the colours. And, the sweeping expanse of the Cotswolds gives you plenty of chance to enjoy the blaze. This destination is host to some fantastic sites all year round, but the stunning stakes go up when autumn rolls around.

Any of the Cotswolds walks are sure to see you lost in the fire of autumn colours, but some are better than others. A quick online search will lead you to a variety of autumnal walking options. A walk through Westonbirt Arboretum will see you surrounded by 15,000 trees, and is well worth seeing at this time of year. Or, you could head to Dumbleton Hill for a look down on the rolling fields in all their glory.

The accommodation

At this time of year, we just want home comforts, and the Cotswolds offers them in spades. Stately homes like The Wood Norton are sure to help you keep that comfortable vibe with you throughout your stay. Here, you’ll be able to look out at the amazing autumnal views while you sit by the fireside. Or, you may want to take the comforting element further by staying somewhere like the Cotswold Cottage Bed & Breakfast. It doesn’t get much cosier than a country cottage, after all.

The Food

Let’s be honest; no one quite does warming food like we do. And, the Cotswolds offers some of the country’s best country pubs. Who wouldn’t want a nice pub roast while the weather rages outside? Options like the Horse & Groom at Bourton-on-the-Hill offer slow cooked meats which are perfect for those cold evenings. Or, you could head somewhere like the Wild Rabbit Inn in Chipping Norton, which boasts of hearty food, and an open fire. What could be more hygge than that?

So, you see, the Cotswolds is by far the place to head for the autumnal vacation of your dreams. Forget the sun; let those autumn trees light up your time away! The weather might be cold, but a stay here is sure to warm your heart.

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Image 1: Pixabay – Autumn Landscape
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Image 3: Wikipedia – Arreton Manor Pub
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