Monopoly Nostalgic Version Review

Monopoly Nostalgic

Monopoly Nostalgic is a high quality version of this popular board game.

I have played Monopoly since I was child, this property trading game is a classic board game that has been around for over 100 years so I was delighted when asked to review the Monopoly Nostalgic set.

This Monopoly Nostalgic set comes supplied in a very sturdy, heavy, quality wooden box that contains all the pieces underneath the slide out lid. The box contains wooden houses and hotels, bronze finish playing pieces and vintage looking cards, playing board and rules of the game. The wooden box also has a built in bankers tray to sort the money into the denominations to make it easier for the money to be dealt. No more flimsy plastic pieces, real quality. The board, mover pieces and cards all have a vintage look to them although the cards and money are smaller than previous versions.

The idea of the game is to buy properties around the board and charge rent to any of the other players that land on your properties, which the ultimate goal of bankrupting your fellow players. Be prepared for a game that can take a couple of hours to finish.

This is a far superior quality version of the classic board game that I grew up with and loved. Everything about it screams quality and should last a very, very long time. If you love Monopoly then this nostalgic version is the own to own, definitely worth the extra cost over standard editions.

With gameplay lasting at least at hour this classic game provides hours of fun on your way to becoming a property tycoon and if you are going to spend that length of time playing a game then you might as well do it with a quality set. Highly recommended.


Box Contents: 1930’s nostalgic game board, Vintage Chance, Community Chance and Title Deeds Cards, “Aged” monopoly money, 6 antique bronze finish tokens, Wooden houses and hotels, Built-in wooden banker’s tray and storage area, 2 ivory-coloured Dice, Monopoly history and rules.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99

Suitable age: 8 years + | Players: 2-6

Available to buy from Amazon here.

5StarDisclosure: I was provided with a free game for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own and are honest and impartial.

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