Which Of These Three Planning Options Are You Going To Choose For Your Next Renovation?


You have a dilemma.

You want to renovate a room in your home. It needs it; in fact, it’s needed it for awhile. You’ve been throwing it into the “sometime” drawer for months, and now it’s time to tackle it.

But you also have no time.

Your life is busy and your time is precious.

So, you’re stuck. You’re rich in ideas but poor in time. Is there any way to make renovating a room quicker? Anything that isn’t a simple directive like “paint the wall a bit faster”? There is – and to make it even easier to choose, I’m going to rate them using a five-star system.

Option One: All Inclusive Renovation

There’s no doubt that finances matter when it comes to renovation. You have to buy materials, tools, and everything else you need to come up with the result that you crave.

Nevertheless, if you are struggling for time, it’s worth bringing in an expert. While there is a cost for hiring a professional, it has its own reward – they are far quicker at the job. As they do this all the time, they can get three times as much done as you could in the same amount of time. And, the finish will be better.

You can hand over the room, leave for a day of work and come back to a fresh new interior design. All you need to do is put in the finishing touches.

Price Rating: * * (2)
Convenience Rating: * * * * *(5)
Finish: * * * * *(5)

Option Two: Half Board

Let’s say you’re making over the kitchen, and it involves four jobs. I’m simplifying here, but the same concept expands to the actual amount of tasks you do.

You’ve got:

  1. Replacing the taps
  2. Laying down new flooring
  3. Painting the walls
  4. Deep cleaning to remove water marks and general built-up dirt

With the Half Board measure, you would still do some of these yourself – but the rest, you hand to a professional. Let’s say you replace the taps and lay down the flooring, while you hire a cleaner for the water mark removal and a painter/decorator for the walls.

Price Rating: *** (3)
Convenience Rating: *** (3)
Finish: **** (4) (Though it does depend on how good your DIY skills are!)

Option Three: Self Service

As the name suggests, Self Service is all about DIY. You’re in charge; you have a huge list of tasks, and somehow you need to find the time to do them.

If you’re confident with your DIY skills, then this is not going to be too imposing. Any previous experience is going to be valuable. If you have done this kind of work before, then you have reason to be confident.

If you’ve not done this before, it can be daunting – but it is possible. You can learn these skills so long as you don’t mind a few slip-ups along the way.

Price Rating:  * * * * * (5)
Convenience Rating: * * (2)
Finish: * * * (3) (Though it does depend on how good your DIY skills are!)

So which one do you think is going to work for your next project?

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