Quirky and Fun Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space


For some, a garden is a sanctuary to relax in. For others, it is an extension of their home, and they want how it looks to reflect that. However you view the outdoor space that you have, there are always plenty of things that you can do to spruce it up. You don’t need to spend a lot to do it either. You can make it look good quite easily. Here are a few ideas for you. You best get cracking before the autumnal weather fully sets in!

If you already have a colourful garden, full of plants and flowers, there are always more that you can add. You can add even more colour to your garden by adding new varieties of plants. Just look at the existing flowerbeds and think about how you can rearrange and replant what you have. This is probably quite a time-consuming way to change things. So you might prefer to update the garden in other ways.

Getting some new planters is an easy way to update what is in your garden. Unlike the previous example, you won’t need to replant anything. Leave everything else as it is and introduce the new planters. You could use some trough planters if you want them to sit against the wall or line the borders. You could even upcycle some old tin cans. It is a cute and quirky way to update the space. Once an old soup can has been washed out and the label removed, you could give it a lick of paint. Then you could plant herbs or small flowers as they are quite small. It will give a fresh and fun look to the garden, though. Cinder blocks are also another idea to use as planters. Stacked up at different angles, they can give off a good look. Again; this might be best to use as a herb garden, as they won’t fit a huge amount in them.


If you don’t currently have any lighting in the garden, it is an easy win. You can get outdoor fairy lights that you could string up in a patio area or along some fencing. You can also get solar powered outdoor lights. They are usually on spikes that you can insert into the ground. They look cute if they are dotted around flowerbeds. They can charge up in the day and then glow in the night. If the design of them is quite plain (which it mostly likely will be), you could spruce them up. Using a glue gun, you could stick on flat marbles to make a mosaic style pattern. Then when they light up, they will give off different colours. Just another little quirky thing to do, that is inexpensive and won’t take very long. Getting some form of lighting in the garden is a good idea as the darker nights will start to roll back in.

I hope this has given you plenty of ‘out of the box’ ideas to spruce up your garden with.

Photo credits: Pixabay
Image 1: https://pixabay.com/en/watering-garden-work-the-sun-1438094/
Image 2: https://pixabay.com/en/planters-nursery-pots-garden-1530581/

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