3 Simple Changes For A Cosier Living Room

Living Room

If you’ve read enough blogs that focus on interior design, then you’re probably familiar with the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of a home”. I respectfully disagree. For my money, the lounge is the heart of the home. This is the communal area where everyone can come to chat about their day, bond over movies and TV shows, and generally unwind after work or school. It goes without saying that this part of the house deserves your care and attention! Here are a few handy suggestions for making your living room a little more cosy.


First of all, think of some fitting ways to finish the walls and ceilings. Traditionally, most designers will give a more elaborate or formal treatment to the walls of a living room, as it’s usually a space people use for entertaining company. Take a moment to think about the walls that you’re currently using. Then have a quick browse of other wall coverings. I’m sure it won’t take you long to find some that do a much better job of reflecting your tastes and personality. If you’re looking to save some money on overhauling your living room, then you can simply give them a fresh lick of paint in a fitting shade. Alternatively, getting some wallpaper in a nice chic print will make the room feel more antiquated and homely.


The walls and ceilings in your living room can have a very potent effect on the overall mien of your living room, but so can your choice of flooring. Seen as you want your living room to espouse comfort and relaxation, you should choose carpets that are comfortable under your feet and also make a potent design statement. Remember to take the design and colour scheme of your furniture into account when choosing floor coverings. If this clashes with the shade and texture of your floor, then you may end up missing the mark horribly. For example, if your furniture is mainly whites and creams with floral patterns try getting carpet in a bright red or rose colour. If you think the artwork in your living room is a little understated, then choosing a neutral floor will naturally draw more attention to them.


Finally, add some kind of focal point. Focal points are a very powerful motif in any interior design job. Although they won’t really fit into every room, I’ve never seen a living room that doesn’t have or need a good focal point. If you’ve got a fireplace in your living room, then you can skip over this step! Still, you can augment this focal point even more with some tasteful ornaments, or a piece of art hanging over it. You may also want to move some things out of the way of the window, and use the view outside as a natural focal point. If you’re not lucky enough to have either of these, then hanging up a large canvas or sculpture can be a quick and easy fix. There are countless options for a living room’s focal point, so look around.

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