What to Consider in Planning a Once in a Lifetime Trip

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Many dream of making a trip that could be considered a once in a lifetime experience. This is a phrase that we’ve all heard. But what does it mean? It’s important to take a look at this and examine it a bit closer so that we can figure out exactly what this might mean for us.

What Do Want Out of It?

The first thing to consider is what makes a trip once in a lifetime experience? The answer to this will be highly personal and change for each of us. Is it the fact that it is so expensive that saving up can only be feasibly done once? Or perhaps it’s an event that will only happen a single time? It could be a natural event that happens so seldom you’ll never have another chance. Or you could be wanting to go somewhere before you have a career, family or children.

Are You Travelling Alone?

What is the make up of your party? Travelling alone, with your partner, with kids or friends? This is an essential question as if you are looking to make it a once in a lifetime experience then it’s going to be difficult on a group unless you mostly agree. So if it’s something you’ve always wanted and the rest of the group are tagging along make sure they are good with what you want to get out of it.

Where to Go?

This is the big one in terms of questions and if you have a set idea of what you want such as a safari in Tanzania with Tanzania Odyssey then it’s all good to just go and book it and enjoy your dream experience. But if not then it’s important to do proper and thorough research into what you want to achieve.

How Much Will it Cost?

Budget is a key consideration and if you have a set event to get to then everything else must revolve around that, such as a date you need to get to or an event you need tickets for. If you can’t get tickets through regular channels there are other ways of getting your hands on them but this can be expensive. You can always gamble and try to see if ticket cost comes down at the last minute as often online touts buy in hope of selling at a huge markup but if they don’t get rid of them it’s often the case that they are getting rid of them cheaply, but this can be a strategy that risks losing out entirely.

How Long Will You Be Away?

If you are going to be away for an extended period then you need to ensure that you plan for this. You may need to book time off from work well in advance and even save up holiday time to be sure that you have enough. It’s also important to have your house secure and in order before travelling.

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