The Best Places To Visit In The Early Months Of The Year

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We’re in the early portion of the year right now, and that means we’re still stuck in winter, when it gets dark early and the wind and the rain is all you can hear against the windows. And when all you see around you are the effects of the current season, you might just want to jet set away to greener and sunnier pastures!

And if you do have some savings right now for such a thing, be sure to check out some of the best places to visit during the winter/spring season. We’ve got a quick list of suggestions below of such places for you to check out, and hopefully get inspired.

Greece is Always Nice

Greece is a pretty big country, and that means it has a lot of varying climates for a person to experience. Greece also has an average winter temperature between about 10 degrees and 14 degrees centigrade, meaning it’s a little mild, but not too badly for anyone looking to warm up a little!

It gets mostly wet, rather than cold, during the winter, across both the mainland and the islands. But if you want to be dry and experience the famous Greek heat, places like Crete are going to be best for you.

Head to Spain

Spain is known for being a sunny place, and there are plenty of long beaches with soft sand and the right atmosphere for chasing those winter blues away. Marbella might be the best bet for you; Spain is great all round for people looking to get into temperate waters, and Marbella is one long coastline of beaches and culture.

Marbella apartments are worth looking into, if you plan to take a trip over here; they’re near the coast, and have a lot of luxury to offer any tourist who comes looking for a good, relaxing time.

France Has a Lot to Offer

No matter the season, heading to France will make a lovely holiday for anyone looking for a break. Depending on where you are in France, things will be mostly mild, and not too cold. If you head to Paris during the winter season, temps don’t tend to fall too low, and there’s plenty of winter festivities to take part in, meaning you’ll be surrounded by the fun and warming elements of winter.

Of course, the south of France gets a lot warmer during the winter season, thanks to all the sunny fields and proximity to countries like Spain and Portugal. Places like Bordeaux might have a bit more to offer anyone looking to put a swimsuit on and enjoy their time in it.

If you want to get away during the earliest months of the year, to escape frigid cold and have some fun in warmer climates, the places above would be best for you. Make sure you pack right, and know how the temperatures are going to differ. You don’t want to pack too hot or cold either way!

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