Migraines and Me: Part Two


Part two of how migraines affect me

A little while ago I wrote about migraines and how they affect me and today I thought I would give an update after receiving messages and emails from people around the world and some helpful advice for the good people at Migraine Action.

Firstly after a very bad period a couple of months ago where I was getting at least 1 migraine a week, I can happily say that these have eased off to maybe 1 every 2 to 3 weeks at the moment (the Migraine Buddy app that Migraine Action suggested is currently showing as migraine free for 7 days).


I am sticking to regular sleep patterns as much as I can, so going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time. I am also trying to take more breaks while working, especially when my body temperature is getting too high (as I work from home most of the time I am in a position to do this). I have also trying as best I can to stick to regular meal times although I’m still not eating breakfast everyday so I have to try and get into the habit of doing this!

As I have suffered with migraines for 30 years I doubt I will ever be free of them but I am slowly starting to hopefully manage them better for which I have to thank Migraine Action for their advice, it’s a pity none of my various GP’s over the years haven’t offered anything but tablets. So for the time being the regular sleep and eating patterns along with trying to control my body temperature seem to be reducing the amount of time I have a migraine (although they still do last 3 days when I do get one). Maybe it is helping or maybe it’s just a coincidence, I will just have to keep plodding along and see how it goes.

If you do suffer of know someone who suffers with migraines I would suggest checking out www.migraine.org.uk and downloading the Migraine Buddy app to your phone.

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