Making Your New Home New

New Home

Why is it that so many people plough money into big renovations as soon as they move into a new home? The seller has undoubtedly spent a small fortune updating the kitchen, the bathroom, and the garden so that it is attractive to buyers. Then the buyer comes in, rips it all out, and puts something else in. Is it a waste, or is it essential to make that house into a dream home?


There was a time when getting a new mortgage meant adding a few thousand on top for renovations. Regardless of the convenience, this is a hugely expensive way of doing things. Nowadays, many home and DIY stores offer 0% finance deals that allow you to get the things you want without paying more than the ticket price. Of course, it is always possible to change just a few things, rather than gutting an entire room and starting again.


Style and design are more important than ever. There are far more choices these days, and people have different tastes. This is a common reason for making a big change to something like the wall colour, tiling, or bath tub. Sometimes small changes can have a big effect on the overall style of your bathroom. Find a website for a new contemporary style radiator. Or why not install a new sink with a contemporary sleek shape?


Hygiene and the thought of strangers using your bathroom can be a primary reason for someone to rip it all out and start again. However, a simple steam cleaner can remove every germ you fear may be lurking. You can hire professional cleaners to scour your home from top to bottom or have a go yourself. Of course, if you want some new and untouched, then replacement might be the only way to go.

Down Come The Walls

Buying a house takes months. In that time you might pore over the floor plans, check the measurements of your current home, and decide that major changes are needed. Pulling down internal walls isn’t impossible to do, but there are often local authority regulations that need to be followed. Of course, you might decide you need an extra room so you could always put another wall up!

Kerb Appeal

Those of us that are particularly house proud may be keen to add a little extra kerb appeal when we move in. This could include building a new driveway, landscaping the front garden, or painting the brickwork. You might install new fencing or railing, or update your front door. All of these things can drastically alter the appearance of your property and could certainly boost the kerb appeal. Most importantly, it will look the way you want your home to look – new and fresh.

Transforming any property is a big undertaking, so you need to have a good reason for doing it. You might want to alter the layout to better fit your lifestyle. Or you may just want everything to be fresh, hygienic and new. Ultimately our homes need to reflect our personalities, tastes, and style preferences. What would you change?

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