How to Design a Minimalist Garden on a Budget

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A beautiful garden is the best way to complement your home but if you are a minimalist at heart, you may be stuck for ideas beyond a slightly sad-looking lawn and a basic fence. Though minimalism usually uses far fewer materials, the perfectionism it requires often makes it quite expensive to achieve.

The good news is that you can achieve a beautiful minimalist garden on a budget. You will need to plan carefully but, maintenance aside, your garden should be quite easy to create and enjoy.

Planning Your Garden on Paper First

The first rule of creating any garden from scratch is to start planning on paper. Draw the basic outline of your garden plus any unmovable objects like trees first using a dark outline. You can then lay tracing paper over the top of this plan to start experimenting with your design ideas. Use green to indicate areas of grass and different shades to give an idea of where trees and plants might sit.

Planning this way is a smart way to save money as you won’t waste any time or effort changing your mind as you go. This doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your garden over the years – you certainly should! – just that any major ideas are in place first time. Have a look at these basic garden designs to get some inspiration.

Creating Different Zones

You should start by deciding how to enclose your garden and whether you want to use a fence or a wall. A good compromise is a composite fence which can be found at which offers eco-friendly solutions. Once your space is enclosed, consider creating different zones by using small dry walls, gravel pathways and paving.

Even in the most simple garden designs, there will be a few different zones for different activities. So, you might decide to have a decking area for eating outside or a vegetable patch to grow your own food. Zones are usually separated by a change of materials which in a minimalist garden can be a bit harder to pull off.

Choosing the Plants You Like

Many minimalist gardens make a lot of use of concrete, paving and grass areas but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some plants too. Going for structural plants like trees and hedges is a good method as this will also help to create different zones. But you should also think about your other senses. Herbs will bring a beautiful scent to your garden as well as a culinary opportunity!

Plants also bring another way to introduce different textures to your garden. Having a limited colour palette doesn’t mean that you can’t play about with different leaf shapes and structures. The planting is key to creating a garden you will love, so do take your time to choose the right combination.

Even on a budget, you can achieve an incredible minimalist garden by planning carefully and choosing wisely. You don’t have to do everything at once, either. Start with the basics of putting your border fence or wall up and then go from there.

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