Tips for Interior Design on the First Home


With many of our children now grown up enough and ready to collect the keys to their first homes in 2021, they tend to not realise just how much of a milestone they have reached.

Gone are the days of mothers cooking the meals, doing the washing and tidying the rooms, now is the time when they are responsible for how their own homes are run. As they are preparing to move into their new home, this is time to sit down with them and give guidance on their vision for how they want their home to look. Their main concerns are going to come down to time and money for them, and there are some tips they can take on board to help them turn their first home into a relaxing and stable atmosphere.


As you well know, those kids of yours have always tried to adopt that less is more when they were at home in terms of effort, and in terms of the interior of their home it is very relevant.

Not every corner of the house needs to be cluttered with all sorts. Their bedrooms may have been that way but clutter has a tendency to build up even with the extended space for their stuff. Clean spaces provide a very contemporary look and being minimal in the approach towards décor, flooring and furniture provides more character space and ability to rearrange the room over time.

Easy Care

Instead of them getting a lush comfy carpet for their rooms, advise them on alternatives that saves them stress and hassle.

Carpets can stain and wear a lot faster than alternatives like luxury wood effect vinyl flooring and are not as durable for furniture or heavy items. With vinyl flooring they will find it easier on the bank account due to its relative cheapness in comparison, they will also find that its scratch, stain, water and temperature resistance will not find them dedicating their time to endless cleaning or repairs. In fact, lowest price Amtico flooring could last them until they turned 40 if properly maintained.

Areas to Save on Bills

As 2021 will be seeing a lot of implementation on smart meters throughout the UK, your young ones will have first hand experience of where their money is going (and how leaving those upstairs lights on eats away at the electricity over time).

To help them get a bit of extra benefit you could help them install underfloor heating which makes the house a lot warmer and cosy without requiring the heating on for long periods of the day. Although not a natural fit with hardwood floor, underfloor heating can work perfectly with luxury vinyl tiles or planks to give a natural comfort underfoot whilst providing warmth throughout the house.

Give your children the best for their new home by providing them with the keys to happy living using Amtico luxury vinyl flooring.

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