Nichely Done: The Weird And Wonderful Ideas For Creating Your Own Niche Business


Have you thought about starting your own business? Have you been thinking about a new and exciting way to make money but still keep your family secure? Carving out a niche for yourself in the world of niche businesses sounds like a major challenge. You probably think it would be easier to provide a service that you know people would be willing to pay money for, like food or hospitality. But in doing that, you will only be adding your business to an already bloated market of companies providing exactly the same service. So, why don’t you think outside the box and provide a service that is left of centre. Here are some business ideas for you to think about, just to get your brain thinking.

Diaper Delivery Service

Relatively new in the grand scheme of things, a website like grew out of the frustration of running out of diapers in the middle of the night. And any new dad will understand this frustration! Taking the strain out of frantically searching for an open store in the middle of the night, this has proved to be a very lucrative endeavour.

Poop In A Box

This is not a joke! There are many services online that will send a parcel wrapped piece of faeces to someone, and it is all anonymous and confidential. You can even specify the type you want to be sent, there are dozens! There are even sites that have deals and “poop of the month”. People seem to be very creative when it comes to expressing their hatred for someone.

Selling Microscopes

Every school, university and laboratory need microscopes. Microscope sales and microscope accessories can encompass many different styles and types. There are ones that are needed to be used for certain types of germ or virus. And with the common cold not going away anytime soon, the need for microscopes is still strong.

Parcel Sending… To Prison Inmates!

The vetting system of sending a package to family or friends incarcerated behind bars is a very rigorous one. As only certain things can be sent.

A company called Send A Package provided a one-stop shop for sending care packages to family and friends in the New York State prison system. All of the products they sell have already been pre-approved by the New York State Department of Corrections. This eliminates the guesswork of determining which items inmates may receive.

There are so many hundreds of odd, eccentric and downright bizarre businesses, from being a professional nagger (literally paying someone to say, “do this, do that”), to having someone “wait on the line” if you are in a call queue. There will a need for whatever product you make, no matter how left of centre it may be.

Remember, in the (very small) world of niche businesses, it is a lot easier to be an expert in your field. To sound all business-like, a niche market is a market that sits on the threshold of another, larger market. Using these examples, they are all based on basic human needs, such as deliveries. So, have a think and see what you can come up with.

Photo source: Flickr

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