Fortress of Solitude: Creating a Perfect Reading and Writing Space


In an age where our phones are in our pockets and we can text on the toilet it’s possible to feel a little too connected to the rest of the world. If reading, writing or both take up a sizeable portion of your time then you’ll appreciate the value of quiet and solitude for these activities.

Maybe you’re an ardent bibliophile with a space that you’re ready to dedicate to your passion. Perhaps you’re a newly minted telecommuter looking to transform a part of your home into an office. Or maybe you’re a student who simply needs a serene space in which to study and compose essays.

Whatever your reasons, a calm, quiet neutral space in which to read, write, contemplate and be inspired is not only a peaceful and enjoyable place to spend time, it’s conducive to productivity and creativity too!

Here are some handy hints to designing a perfect space to read and write but if the prospect of DIY gives you the hives then we’ll deal in ready made set sizes where possible. No cutting, chopping or sawing for you!

Enjoy the silence

You should try and incorporate some measure of soundproofing where possible to avoid the distractions of modern living. If you’re able to soundproof the room then you can use heavy drapes, curtains or even wall insulation. If none of these are an option then try selecting a room that’s away from the background noise of a busy street. Needless to say you should keep your phone set on silent and stored somewhere out of reach.

Comfort is key

Physical discomfort can not only inhibit your concentration but cause you to rush your work. It’s important to be comfortable and relaxed in order to awaken your mind and get your creative juices flowing. A love seat or tub chair would be a great place to spend time away from your desk for moments of brainstorming or quiet contemplation.

A room with a view

The presence of nature is highly conducive to relaxation and creativity so try and make sure that you’re able to see some greenery out of the window even if it’s just the back garden.

Even the presence of some natural light can be a great help.

Surround yourself with inspiration

You should aim to surround yourself with your beloved books so that you can leaf through them for inspiration, check them for reference or just enjoy their beautiful bindings. There’s no sight more soothing for a bibliophile than shelves full of neatly arranged books.

Book shelves are relatively cheap and easy to come by but they can err on the generic.

If you’re feeling adventurous then you can make your own, unique and stylish bookshelves with a minimum of hassle.

The tools of the trade

The laptop to the writer is as the torque wrench to the mechanic, but it’s by far the only tool of the trade. While the majority of your work will be done on the laptop you should still take regular breaks from it and keep a pen and paper handy for brainstorming, doodling and all the other mental exercises to alleviate writer’s block!

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