Essential Experiences Every Child Should Get at School


When children are at school, there are certain life experiences they shouldn’t miss out on. These experiences can help to enrich their lives and their education. They can range from going on an educational school trip to taking part in an after-school activity. School should be a place that helps children discover who they are and pushes them to be the best that they can be. These experiences should be available for all children, regardless of their background or circumstances at home. Here are some essential things that no child should miss out on, both at primary and secondary school.

Joining a Club or Team

Learning how to work with others is one of the essential things children learn at school. But being part of a group is also about finding out who you are. Joining teams and clubs helps children to discover what types of people they fit in with. It can give them a sense of belonging and help them to find something they’re passionate about too. Some schools will offer more extracurricular activities than others. However, most will have some things on offer, whether it’s sports teams, a choir, or art club. It’s an excellent way to make friends outside of the classroom.

School Trips

School trips are always fun for pupils because they get to leave the classroom for the day. They can be academically educational, but that’s not all they’re useful for. They can provide enriching experiences in a number of other ways too. When children go on school trips and tours, they get the chance to try out new things. They might stay away from home for the night for the first time. It could be their first trip to the countryside or to a museum. Residential trips often offer the opportunity to try a range of activities, from sports to city tours.

Getting Involved with the Local Community

Fostering engagement with the local community and the environment is a great thing to do for kids. If you start them young, they will carry their care for their community into later life. There are many ways kids can get involved with the environment and the local area. It’s possible to set up projects with local organisations. Kids can come up with ideas for how to solve problems or even create events. They can do anything from fundraising to visiting a nursing home or looking after the school conservation area.

Explore Creatively and Academically

School should be a time for children to discover what they’re good at. However, this won’t necessarily be a particular subject for every child. Not everyone is naturally gifted in academics, so children need to be able to explore a range of areas. They should be able to engage in sports, as well as artistic pursuits, such as music or crafting. One of the goals of school should be to help children find their strengths.

Every child should get to enjoy a range of experiences while in their school days. Whether you’re a parent or an educator, you should make sure these experiences are available.

Photo source: Wikimedia
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