4 DIY Blunders You Can’t Afford To Make!


Like countless other people, there’s probably at least one DIY job that needs doing around your house, and it’s not going to go away if you carry on ignoring it! Again, like countless other people, you might not trust yourself to take care of these jobs, having little DIY experience, or maybe just clumsy hands. Asking for help with DIY projects can be pretty embarrassing, especially if you’re a man! To help you steer clear of any disasters, here are 4 of the major DIY mistakes you need to avoid.

Mounting Shelves Without a Spirit Level

For a careful handyman, putting a shelf up properly is a five-minute job. Many people who are attempting it for the first time have the genius idea to save themselves some time and effort by neglecting to use a spirit level. Sure, it may look straight when you drive those screws into the wall. However, you may find out that you misjudged it later when your wife’s favourite ornament slides off and shatters on the floor. Unless this is what you’re going for, always use a spirit level to figure out what’s straight and what isn’t.

Failing to Use Primers

Covering up watermarks after you’ve finished painting a wall can be a massive hassle. Water-based emulsions might seem to help, but they’re not a long-term solution. The mark will just keep showing up and showing up, and you’ll carry on having to buy emulsion! Instead, get a good oil-based primer spray and use it to seal the stain. After that, you can go over it with paint without having to worry about the mark showing up again.

Relying on “Quick Fixes”

If you’re really not the DIY type, you may be tempted to cut corners at various stages of your project. Sure, you may get lucky, and never notice the difference. Generally though, doing a lazy job on any DIY project is only going to mean you have to come back to it in the near future. Planing the wood of a swollen door is a common example of a quick fix. If you’re doing this though, be sure to paint over the edges with a high-quality primer. Fail to do this, and the wood will carry on absorbing moisture, causing it to swell up, and requiring you to start the job all over again.

Underestimating Materials

As you probably know, DIY projects can get very expensive very quickly. To save as much money as you can on materials, you might be taking measurements, going down to the store and buying the exact amount that you’ve worked out you need. Then, things start to go wrong. You spill some tea on your new patterned wallpaper, and have to cut a section off. Perhaps you start sawing a plank just a touch under the mark, and realise that it’s not going to be fit for purpose. All kinds of things can go wrong, so make sure you’re buying a little more than you think you need. In the best case scenario, you’ll have stuff left over for the next project!

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