Do You Drive A Good Family Car?

Family Car
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A good family car has a lot of features to it, and whilst most cars are labelled as family vehicles when they hit the market, how can we be sure that a car is good for you and your kids to ride in? Well, we’ve got to ask some hard hitting questions about the way it’s been built!

So, if you’re not sure if you’re driving a worthy family car or not, here are the top three criteria questions to ask. Depending on how they’re answered, this could be a sign you need to invest in a new vehicle for your loved ones!

Do You Feel Safe Behind the Wheel?

How safe does your car feel, in terms of its handling? Do you slip in behind the wheel and think you’re completely in control? Or do you get a little worried about how insensitive the car’s reaction times are?

Safety is the number one priority of a family car, and if you’re not assured that your car would protect your loved ones in the case of an accident, it’s time to look into safer options. To ensure you’re getting the right model, keep an eye out for multiple airbags, multiple cruise control settings, and even an anti-lock function on the brakes. Specialists at Pentagon Car Dealer will be able to help you further, suggesting models that will suit your needs.

How Reliable is the Model?

When you first bought your car, did you take the actual brand and model into account? Did you think about the reputation of either, and how this could feed into whether or not the car would be a good family vehicle? It’s surprising how many people don’t! But it’s true that some car makers innovate much better family models than others, by making reliability their main priority, and that’s something to think about right now.

Ford, for example, makes great family cars, especially in the form of the Focus model. On the other hand, you could head down to your local Citroen Dealers lot and get your hands on a similarly reliable car that’ll rarely break down on you unexpectedly. If you’ve got the kids in the back, you can’t be waiting for roadside assistance on a regular basis!

Is There Enough Room?

The storage space in your vehicle needs to be as much as you think you need, and then times that by two! You never quite know how much mess kids can create until you sit them in the backseat of a car, and you’re going to need room for a trash bag, food supplies, some entertainment systems, and any carseats they still need to use.

It’s hard to get this amount of space without specifically looking for it! You need a bigger vehicle, which can mean you’ll pay more money for it, but you can also look into car storage solutions you can place yourself as well. Even just an organizer that hangs over the back of your seat works wonders.

So, is your car a good family car? Do you think it has the right features?

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