Choosing the Best Exterior Wood Stain for Efficient Wood Protection

Wood Stain

Humans from the earliest of times, have learnt how to use natural raw materials to produce tools that are necessary for daily life. Over time, development and increase in knowledge meant that those tools made from natural sources could now be fine-tuned for even better uses.

Of particular importance in this aspect are trees. On it grows the various fruits that both humans and other animals consume. Its leaves in some cases, serve as herbs while the tree itself is mostly used for timber.

Where it is to be used as timber, for the various construction works and other purposes that it serves, the lumber has to be pressure treated. This makes the lumber durable and gives it the necessary longevity to be able to serve its various uses.

But this might not be enough. It might still have to be wood stained.

What Is Wood Stain?

Primarily, it is a type of paint, different from the wood varnish used in painting wood among other uses. Additionally, it is able to enhance further, the natural colour of the timber if this is what you so desire to do with it.

It is also able to deeply permeate the timber and in so doing, gives it added protection from the elements and longevity. You can read more on it here.

Why Use Wood Stain?

There are certain benefits that should encourage one to use wood stains. These reasons include:

Prevents Rot

Timber is generally prone to rot; this is despite the fact that it must have been pressure treated. This rot can be caused by different things including moths, termites etc. And whenever rot starts, there really is no way of reversing the damage and it will just be a matter of time before total disintegration.

Protection from the Elements

Wooden structures of all types are negatively affected by exposure to the elements. The elements here refer to rain, dew, wind and even the sun. They are able to permeate inside all kinds of timber causing them to change into an unpleasant colour, to become weakened and subsequently break or just makes the wood an invitation to moths and termites.

For Aesthetic Purposes

With the wood stain, you are able to beautify your wooden structures. Whether it be your fence, your walls etc. You can also go for an enhanced natural appearance with it.

It Is a Simple Alternative

When compared to the other option of painting it, stains are a simpler option. This is because, it is a much easier task than painting. Again, there is no need to first prime it like is done before painting.

You can find out more on this at

What Is The Difference Between Wood Stain And Varnish?

The basic differences between the two are as follows:

  1. Their Protection Coverage: While varnish stays atop the wood, giving it surface protection and acting as some sort of bulwark against the elements, stain permeates its inside, protecting it from rot from the inside.
  2. Decorative Purposes: Stain is primarily used for decorative purposes. Though it can be used to enhance the colour of the wood, it can come in various colours depending on the choice of the user. Varnish is transparent and serves no such purpose.

Types of Wood Stain

They are basically of two types namely:

  1. The Water Based Stain: This type is a bit harder to apply than the alternative. However, they dry up quickly and you can easily clean up after its application. It also lasts longer than the others. This is one of the reasons why it is known as the best exterior wood stain for wood protection.
  2. The Oil Based Type: This is the easier one to apply. However, it does have strong odour, takes longer to dry up and does not last as long as its alternative. For this reason, it is advised that you restain it on a yearly basis to keep it fresh and beautiful.


The materials that we use in our various projects do go through a lot of processes to be fit for our use. The primary case in this instance is timber.

Despite the processes that it undergoes and its various uses, it still has to be properly protected, so as to serve its purpose for a long time. For this reason, wood staining is very crucial.

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