Children, Reading and Libraries


Reading is not only a great form of entertainment but also improves overall education.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed reading. It is not even a pastime that will cost you to do, all you need to do it join your local library for FREE where you will have access to a vast array of stories, entertainment, fun and knowledge.

Reading to children from an early age is a great way of introducing them to reading, whether it be bedtime stories or just reading aloud from your newspaper or magazine. It also helps them develop language and communication skills and an all-round better aptitude for learning. By reading to them and later on with them they will develop skills they will use throughout their lives.

Once they get a bit older and on to picture books they will be able to put words to the pictures and maybe even create their own stories to go with them.

Once they start reading for themselves, encourage them to read out loud to encourage their language skills, confidence and storytelling.

I often hear from people that their child “doesn’t like to read, it’s not for them”. Well I don’t believe that to be true. All that a child needs is a good story, one that is well written, will keep them entertained and wanting more. A library card becomes invaluable here as they can search through books to find something that will grab their attention without you having to waste money on expensive books they won’t read.

Now I am a long way past childhood but a good well-written story is still a good well-written story so when I read The Befana Drama and its sequel The Befana Drama 2: Capriccia’s Conundrum by Gianna Hartwright I was surprised how absorbing they were (I usually tend to read horror and thrillers) and for children 8 years onwards I would recommend these books. The story is about The Befana, Italy’s VIPB (Very Important Present Bringer) and features witches, fairies, boy bands, reindeer whisper and even Santa and his wife plus many other delightful and colourful characters. In book 1 Bef (The Befana) has to try and get her present bringing patch back from the famous Santa and deal with his shopaholic wife Capriccia. While in Book 2 Bef in opening her own theme park but is being obstructed by Capriccia who wants revenge for Bef having her thrown out of her pink Casa of Contentments. These 2 books have everything to grab a child’s imagination. Well written books that are easy to read and full of adventure, excitement and excellent characters – good and bad!

I have witnessed how reading stories like this sparks a child’s imagination (I went to a book signing and reading by the author) and not only given them an interest in reading but also talking about the book and asking questions, encouraging language and thinking skills. So reading a book is an excellent way to improve all aspects of education, if you have good reading skills this will help you in EVERYTHING you do. So reading must be encouraged from a very early age from reading to children, reading with them and eventually leaving them to read by themselves.

So the first chance you get visit your local library with your children and get yourselves a library card, it won’t cost you anything and will be very beneficial for education as well as great stories. If libraries continue to be underused they will lose their funding and eventually close down robbing generations of children the very basics of education and a wonderful pastime and hobby.

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