6 Signs It’s Time for a New Smartphone

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Do you really need an excuse to buy a new smartphone? The technology associated with them is evolving all the time, quicker than most other innovations. Smartphones have affected our lives more than anything else in the last few years, and there is very little you cannot do on them. You may just feel that you are lagging behind your friends, but if you really need a reason to buy the latest version, here are a few.

Your Existing Phone Has An Old Operating System

It could be that your smartphone is so outdated that it will not support the latest version of the operating system, particularly if you have an old processor. The more things included in the system the bigger the processor needs to be. For instance, if the new operating system needs a device with 64-bit, it will not run on one that only has 32-but. When you are buying a new phone, make sure it runs the latest Android or Apple versions or you may find that you are still out of date. You could always check them out at this website which is great for the latest technology news which is a great place to read the latest technology news, and to get all the information you may need.

Your Phone Might Not Be Secure

There could be a problem with the security of an older phone if you use public Wi-Fi.  If your phone can no longer accept the security patches as they are updated, you need to swap your phone as soon as possible. If you are buying an Apple phone they tend to offer support for a longer period, but if you are buying Android, make sure the maker works together with Google who automatically push the monthly security patches.

Your Phone Is No Longer Supported

There comes a point in the life of every phone where the manufacturers stop supporting it. Most phones that are over 5 years old have no support, and that can leave your sensitive information exposed to hackers.

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Your Phone Has Become Very Slow

Phones become slower as they age and the technology gets too much for them. If you get to a point where you could make a coffee while you wait for an app to open, it is time to update your phone. You could try getting rid of some of the apps you no longer use, but that is only ever a temporary fix, and before long it will be just as slow again.

Apps Keep Crashing

If apps keep crashing on your phone but they work fine on your friends’ devices, it could be that you do not have enough RAM to support them. Upgrading to a phone with more RAM is the answer to this problem.

The Time Has Come

You will know when the time has come to upgrade your phone. It will not work as well as it did when it was new. As a phone to make calls it will still be good, but that is about all. You need it to work properly, quickly and securely if you want to buy things online or use a banking app.

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