You’ve Moved in, What Comes Next?

Moving home is widely regarded as one of the most stressful times in the average modern adult’s life. It’s not an idea without merit, either. It’s a big task, even bigger if you’re buying. But the work isn’t done as soon as you get in and start unpacking. To make sure the home is truly one you can enjoy and feel at ease in, you need to take care of some things first.

Give it a thorough once-over

A home inspection is best made before you buy a home. Whether you have or not, however, you need to see if the previous owner or the landlord has made any changes or failed to fix any problems you’ve identified before. Particularly when it comes to the essentials like the plumbing or electrics. If you’re renting the home, you should go a step further and take pictures of the home, including any issues. This is essential in proving whether or not you’ve taken good care of it.

Make it yours

The process of styling and renovating a home is a slow one for many people. Especially if it’s a bit of a fixer-upper, it can take a while to run through the DIY list. However, many people have trouble feeling ‘at home’ when they move in because of this. It’s a good idea to make your imprint on the home sooner rather than later. It makes the house feel like it’s truly yours. Otherwise, it can feel just a little like living in a stranger’s home.

Make sure it’s not someone else’s

This is a step that many people skip but one that can cause a lot of problems down the line if you do. You don’t know who might have a key to the home, even if the previous owners are completely honest about saying they’ve given you all the keys you know off. Changing the locks of the home also gives you the opportunity to upgrade it to something more secure like a Yale euro cylinder lock. The same goes for the windows of the house, as well. When you’re changing the locks, it might be worth considering upgrading to burglar proof windows if they’re not, already.

Get to know the area

The house isn’t the only thing you choose, of course. The area is just as important a part of the home. Street Check can help you find a lot of useful data that can make you feel more at ease, such as crime rates, social demographics and the like. Of course, the best way to get the full picture of who lives around you is to say ‘hi’. Getting to know and share a rapport with your neighbours isn’t just smart for security reasons. It has positive mental health benefits regarding your wellbeing and sense of belonging where you live.

Many people skip over a few of the steps above and never truly feel at home in the area or safe in their new home. Even if the practical applications of the tips above don’t make a huge difference to you, it has a big impact on your peace of mind.

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