Why You Should Dress Up When You Work From Home

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It may seem like a dream job to be able to work in your pyjamas and comfy slippers. The reality is that this habit may be holding you back.

In fact, I think you should dress up for work from your home office as if you are going to an office with co-workers and clients.

There is a psychological advantage you give yourself when you dress a certain way. You may be trying to make an impression on people that won’t actually see you, but your behaviour will change when you are dressed well regardless.

In this article, I am going to lay out some really good reasons to pack in pyjamas and put on the business attire.

Match your home office

You’ve got the perfect desk with all the gadgets to look cool and be organized. You’ve also taken a lot of time to set up the home office to work well and be pleasant to look at.

Why have you not done the same with your attire? You may not see yourself as you see the whole of your office, but you will know that you are dressed professionally. And that will change how you approach your work.

Be more productive

It’s a fact that how you dress changes your mood, so you should have your clothes be as professional as you hope to be.

By dressing in this way, your mind is set to work and you can end up being more productive during the day. If you are wearing pyjamas, you are more likely to start browsing the web and wasting time since you aren’t in a work mindset.

Delineate your day by dressing for work and then undressing when your work is done to make it feel like you’ve left the office and have returned home.

Be stylish

The advantage of dressing for the home office is that there are no rules or dress code. You don’t have to wear that conservative suit and tie when you are working for yourself at home.

You can start shopping at boutique fashion houses like John Henric UK and find clothes that suit your style and make you feel good to wear.

Luckily, you can look and feel professional and still be comfortable when you are shopping for your home office instead of adhering to your boss’s rules.

Get organised

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is saving time by not having a commute. If you are taking more than 30 minutes to pick out an outfit then you’ve effectively negated that benefit.

Have a few outfits that you wear regularly and have them set aside in the wardrobe ready to go. This way you don’t even have to think about what to wear.

You can even have your outfit be determined by the day of the week. Wear the same thing every Monday, for example, and you never have to think about what to wear to work again.

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