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Working from home can be a brilliant option, as it tends to be much more convenient than having to commute to a busy office full of distractions and often pointless meetings with people vying for your time.

Whilst the solitude of working from home can feel refreshing, at first, after a while it can start to feel like solitary confinement if you’re not careful – so it’s good to ensure a balance of working from your home office, and getting yourself out into the world, whether that means popping into the office from time to time, client meetings or simply taking your laptop to Starbucks.

Indeed, today, due to the power of our mobile devices such as iPad Pro’s you could technically sit on the beach, or in a beautiful forest, and get work done thanks to its ultrabright screen.  The point being that just because you are working “from home” doesn’t mean it actually has to be from home – the freedom that working from home brings means you can practically work from anywhere.

That said, there is something grounding and helpful in terms of focus, with having an environment that is exclusively set-up for you to work.  In this article, we’re going to look at a few principles to help you set-up a home office; whether this is with a view to setting up a business or working more flexibly with your job.


It’s really important you create an environment that is distraction free, meaning it’s not cluttered and gives you the peace you require to sit down and focus; try to view your home office as an attachment to your home, rather than part of it, as this way you will feel more like working when you’re in your office.

Try not to use the room at any other time than when you’re working in order to create an associated state of productivity with your brain.


A computer is almost definitely going to be required, and a powerful laptop is recommended over a desktop on the basis you can then take it anywhere you want – as mentioned above, you don’t want your home office to start feeling like solitary confinement, so it’s good to be able to work on the move.

The most important thing when it comes to your computer, is that of protecting your data from loss – be that physical loss or data corruption.  In addition to regular back-ups and a decent insurance policy you’re going to want to check out with a view to exploring anti-virus options that will protect your computer from hackers and picking up viruses.


With regard to furniture, the most important aspect is a chair that supports you, as if you’re feeling uncomfortable after a couple of hours of sitting at your desk, then you’re not going to want to stick around.  An ergonomically supportive chair is therefore essential, as is a desk that’s large enough for you to work on.

The other factor is to ensure there’s plenty of light, be that natural light, or artificial light – as many studies have shown that the more light there is in a room, the more productive and alert people are, when working at a desk.

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