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Grand Rapid might be starting to feel the dip in temperatures, letting them know that winter is not too far behind them. Still, that doesn’t mean hot tub owners must drain, cover, and be without their spa for the long cold season. Winter can be among the best times to enjoy the hot, sultry water.

In fact, some people look forward to winter because they have a system to enjoy. Everyone likely has the same need for hot tubs Grand Rapids Michigan residents most likely, on their wish list to make the grey, cloudy days brighter and more exhilarating.

One thing to be mindful of is that the system will need extra care through the frigid temperature, ensuring that the heat stays up to temperature, that the cover remains on when not in use, and that there’s no chance for the lines to freeze.

You’ll also need to take extra precautions when exiting and entering the house in your swimwear. It’s essential to have a heavy robe to cover your arms and legs, slippers to protect the skin on your feet, and gloves for your hands. The less skin exposed in frigid temperatures, the better.

Let’s look at tips on preparing your hot tub and yourself for subzero entertainment.

Tips on Enjoying a Hot Soak in the Cold Temps in Grand Rapids Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is known for its cold winters and early snowfalls. It’s already seeing temperatures there dipping down into the 40s at night, while here in Mississippi, we’re still at close to 100 degrees F; so unfair.

For those who have or are considering buying a hot tub, winter in the city is often seen as the best time to do so. Many people look forward to relaxing in the warmth of the water over the blustery months.

It’s soothing to sore joints and muscles from the cold temperatures and relaxes the body. Learn the different types of hot tubs popular in Grand Rapids at https://www.bestfreewebresources.com/types-of-hot-tubs-popular-in-grand-rapids.

There are extra precautions to take with the system in the bitter cold to keep the water at a steady temperature, avoid the possibility of freezing lines, and make sure the cover remains in good condition, capable of keeping the unit covered when no one is using the tub. How can you make the experience even more enjoyable? Let’s learn.

A quiet sanctuary

There’s something beautiful about the snow when it first falls, and everything becomes so peaceful and quiet. When you decide to soak in the hot tub in the winter, the solace of those moments can’t be beat. You can add to that experience by adding some enhancements.

If you want to shield yourself from heavy winds or drifting snow, add a sheer drapery to the outside perimeter of the structure surrounding the hot tub to offer some protection. Place a heat lamp for some added warmth from the frosty wind.

Keep weatherproof rugs around the outside so when you get out, your feet aren’t shocked by the cold, and have a covered basket with your clothing to warm yourself from the spa to the house.

Stay hydrated

Despite the temperatures being cold, you’ll need to be hydrated from the hot water. You should drink water before getting in and throughout your soak to keep your system regulated. It’s wise to avoid a soak when you’re home alone, especially in the winter when it’s so bitterly cold outside.

An incident of any kind or an accident, maybe an injury could occur, leaving you at the mercy of the weather. You can’t stay in the water until someone comes home; if you’re out of the water in the blustery cold, that’s extremely dangerous.

The best idea is to always use the spa with someone, if possible, instead of soaking alone. Most people like their alone time, but some things are just not an “alone” kind of experience, at least not safely.

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The jets should be limited

With the bitterness of winter comes aches and pains in the joints and muscles for many people. Sitting in a hot tub with jets going full blast can bring much-needed relief, but it’s wise to be sparing with the jets. Otherwise, the tub water will become chilled.

Jet’s pull from the air outside. Because the winter temperatures in Grand Rapids are so cold, the jets will pull in frigid cold air to the water, cooling it while the heater works hard to keep it at the setting. Open here for guidance on how to care for hot tubs in Grand Rapids.

Final Thought

In the winter in Grand Rapids, hot tub owners will need to work more diligently to keep the spa water clean. You won’t be able to drain and change the water very often, and if you do, only a partial drain will be likely on a day when temps are above freezing. Does that happen in winter in Grand Rapids?

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