Clever Tips To Make A Tiny Living Room Look Bigger

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Small homes are charming, but they can be difficult too. When prepared the right way, a small space can become a peaceful and cosy sanctuary. However, just one interior design mistake can turn that tranquil place cramped and claustrophobic. As the heart of many homes, the living room is a space where we often entertain, play, work, and relax. Unfortunately, all of that is difficult in cramped quarters. With that in mind, here are six tips to make the room look bigger.

Clear Out Your Clutter

Nothing makes a small living room feel cramped like junk. With old bills, broken toys, and other clutter on every surface, the tiny space will feel smaller. Because of this, you must take action and begin clearing this junk from your home. Anything broken must be thrown away or recycled, but you could donate or sell other things. Tables are clutter hotspots, so tackle that area first.

Pick The Right Furniture

We need chairs, couches, tables, storage, and more in living rooms. The trouble is, with little space available, you might not have room for everything. Thankfully, there is a solution. Multi-purpose furniture combines different types of furniture into one item. For example, you can find ottomans with storage inside. Picking this furniture will limit the amount of space taken up.

Hang A Different Door

Hinged doors require space to swing open. For this reason, you should rethink your choice of door. When the option is available, sliding doors are an effective space-saver. They operate sideways, so don’t need room to open, which makes them ideal for small living rooms. The operation also allows you to open a wider access way, which will help the space to feel open.

Decorate Walls With Mirrors

Covering your living room with mirrors isn’t the best idea, but it would make the space feel bigger. After all, mirrors reflect image, as well as light, both of which contribute to a larger and more open seeming space. Large mirrors are most effective, but you can group smaller mirrors together too. Other reflective surfaces, like glass tables and mirrored ornaments, will also help.

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Opt For Light Colours

We all know the benefits of the colour white. The reflective qualities that it has will open up a room, making it feel light and airy. An all-white room will also blur the boundaries between the ceiling and wall, making the space appear higher than it is. If you don’t like the idea of an all-white interior, you should pair it with other cool colours, like soft pinks, lilacs, blues, and light greys.

Avoid Any Heavy Materials

When the goal is to make a space look bigger, heavy materials are a no-go. Although these can work well in larger spaces, thick curtains, blankets, and more will absorb light, weighing the living room down. It’s much better to choose light-weight fabrics, especially for curtains. Make sure you also match the curtains to the colour scheme, as this will help them to the walls.

Cramped living rooms can be uncomfortable, so make yours look bigger using the advice above.

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