Living Room Ideas: 5 inexpensive yet stylish decorating ideas

Living Room
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We think that everyone can have a beautiful living room if they want to. Even if you don’t have unlimited funds to splurge on home décor, there are lots of affordable updates that can freshen up your living space. Here, we show you how to create a stylish, inviting living room while maintaining a budget that works for you.

Give Your Walls New Life

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a cheap and easy decorating idea that pays off big in the décor department. There are many different ways you can do this. You can paint an accent wall, stripes, chunky horizontal or pinstripe vertical or stencil patterns onto the wall depending on your preference.

If you’re looking to paint the entire room, consider using Marquee paint – it offers one-coat coverage eliminating the need for a primer. Just make sure that you’re using one of the 420 colours in their collection and you’re painting on walls that have been painted before (not on plain drywall).

Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors have an amazing ability to brighten a space and make a room appear larger. They can also be used as a cost-friendly alternative to works of art. Place a mirror strategically across from a window or in a corner of a tight space to add light and shimmer to the walls and make the living room feel airier. You can also mix and match different styles to add elegance and personality to the room.

When placing mirrors, make sure that they reflect items that you want to be amplified. Avoid, for example, aiming the mirror to reflect a chaotic corner in the room.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting is a key element in the design of a room. The proper lighting makes your home feel safe, comfortable and more importantly allows you to enjoy your home at its full potential. When choosing the right light fixtures for your rooms, consider style, shape, size, colour, and function. For example, you can fit ceiling-mount light fixtures in hallways and family rooms. For modern décor and high ceiling, try recessed lighting.

If you’re looking to save on energy costs, choose energy-efficient lighting or consider energy switching on Money Expert.

Stack Your Books

Stacked books draw the eye. Instead of stacking all your books on the shelves, stack them on the coffee table, a bench or an end table. To add style when building your stacks, use books that have covers with similar colours, stack books horizontally, and place several books in a tray. For a more personalized touch, add a sentimental object on top such as vases, crystal bowls or piece of art.

Repurpose Furniture

Thinking of disposing of those broken chairs, mismatched shelves, worn-out sofas or old furniture? Well, there are many creative ways of giving outdated furniture a second life as a useful and even stylish item. If you have a mismatched or rickety chair, you can use it as a stylish bedside table or nightstand. An old chest can be repurposed as a washstand, island or coffee table. Old side tables can be turned into stools and an easel into a TV stand.

Try one or all of these savvy, affordable fixes for an instant update. Plus, check out more of our decorating makeover ideas!

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