Give your home a makeover with what you have

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If you’re looking to makeover your home, not everything has to be “out with the old, in with the new”. You can follow several simple tips to give your home a fresh new feel, without having to go around and replace everything.

A Lick of Life

The first step to reviving your home and freshening up the look is rethinking your walls. Perhaps you have boring old wallpaper or a tired looking paint job, well now is the time to do something about that! Think about a new colour scheme for each room, but remember that some colours may have a better impact in certain rooms. White is a brilliant colour for bedrooms as it is calm and neutral, ideal for getting to sleep. On the other hand bold and vibrant colours can work really well in living rooms for livening up the mood. This is such a simple start to updating your home as it makes a huge difference without changing hardly anything.

Refurbishing Furniture

The next step to updating your home with what you have is to take a look at your furniture. Many of us have well loved, old pieces which no longer look the part, but we cant bare to let go. This is where furniture restoration comes in. Use a trusted restorer to work with your well loved item and bring it back to life! The second option for your old furniture is to up-cycle it yourself. Pinterest is full of fancy ideas to give furniture a second round of life, allowing you to keep it around a little longer. You can also rearrange your existing furniture and try new layouts, but don’t ignore the Feng Shui!


If you have a garden, this is another area you could probably improve. You don’t have a to be a green genius with plants, perhaps just plant a couple of trees, or select some easy to care for plants that could transform your garden. And don’t be scared to bring it inside. Adding pot plants to the corners of some of your rooms, particularly your bedroom, could be just the breath of life your home was missing. Not only do plants add a bit of colour, but they help purify your air so they could literally help change the mood in your house.

Make it Minimal

The final simple step you can take is it to declutter your home. Room by room, go through everything that you no longer use and either sell, donate, or dispose of it. It makes no sense to hold onto things that do not severe you, and you will probably find that your home feels a lot more balanced when you reduce your belongings to only those that you need. It will also be a lot easier when you come to rearranging rooms or even moving house, as you’ll have far less junk to worry about.

With a fresh new vibe in your home, all that’s left to do is enjoy!

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