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The smartphone is arguably one of the most revolutionary consumer products of the 21st century. Living in an era of 4G internet connects us with the entire world through a tiny plastic rectangle that sits snugly in your pocket.

But most of us just use it to share videos of cats.

Your phone isn’t living up to its potential! But with a minimum of effort it can become the ultimate transformative tool. Here are some devilishly cool things you can transform your smartphone into at little or no expense…

A universal TV remote

Don’t you hate it when your remote control gets lost down the back of the sofa? Worry not, because thanks to your smartphone you won’t even have to root around for it. Most smartphones have an infrared port (otherwise known as an IR blaster), so usually it’s as simple as downloading an appropriate app, entering your TV’s manufacturer and away you go.

A cinema

No, really! Your phone is capable of streaming video from a huge range of sources at a speed that could only be dreamed of just a few years ago. But why limit your viewing pleasure to the relatively tiny screen? With a little dexterity and patience you can construct a little box that will magnify the image and project it onto your wall or screen, but Luckies of London have created a cool looking and extremely portable retro style projector to help you do just that. At well under twenty quid it’s a cheap and easy way to transform your phone into a multiplex (without the extortionately priced popcorn). Throw a couple of decent stereo speakers into your headphone jack for maximum immersion.

Monte Carlo

If you’re partial to a flutter then there are a wealth of gaming apps that simulate the experience of having anything from a pub standard fruity to a fully fledged bookies in your pocket (but, y’know, not so heavy).

Most betting apps are free and in the majority of cases will throw in some free credit so for responsible betting the risks are pretty minimal.

Pour yourself a vodka martini, put on your best tux and hook your phone up to that projector to transport yourself to a mobile casino!

The daddy of all shaving mirrors

If you’ve ever attempted a close shave in a less than perfectly lit area then you know it’s one of the surest ways to spend the day with little dabs of bloodied tissue stuck to your face.

Your smartphone screen, unlike your average compact vanity mirror, is backlit ensuring that you’ll get a brighter, clearer view of your stubbly bits in poor light or steamy rooms. Just be careful not to drop it in the sink though, eh?

The world’s cheapest gym

If you’re looking to ditch the love handles but don’t fancy forking out for an all-singing-all dancing health suite with a sauna and steam room that you’ll never use there’s a plethora of cheap, fun and engaging workout apps that are tailored to a surprising range of goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your strength, cardio fitness or flexibility there are apps that can help you through every step of the way in everything from aerobics to yoga.

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