Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Garden Design Company

Garden Design
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When looking to makeover your garden, the choice is between doing it yourself or bringing in a garden design company. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, though it could be argued letting professionals do the work is the sensible option. Before making that decision, let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring a garden design company to redesign your garden.


Expert Knowledge

A good garden design company has the education and experience that allows them to apply expert knowledge to your garden‘s needs. They will listen to your desires and consider how they can be applied to the environment available, using suitable planting and materials.

Budget Considerations

With knowledge and contacts, a garden expert will maximise your budget to help you achieve a realistic version of what you have in mind. The knowledge Nairn Contractors brings considers the cost of materials and labour that you may be unaware of. It may even bag you a discount purchasing materials at wholesale prices you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Design Ideas

Some people can easily envisage how they’d like their garden to look, but this ability isn’t your strong point hiring a garden designer takes the pressure off. Even if you have a loose idea of what you’d like, a garden designer can coherently realise your thoughts. They can provide design ideas you’d never consider for yourself, bringing a new level to your new look garden.

Project Management

Especially useful if it’s an ample space you’re having made over, a professional garden company can lend their expert skills to project management. By ensuring all works by external contractors are undertaken in the correct order, all ordering is sorted, and any issues are resolved, your garden project will run smoothly.



Set a realistic budget in advance and keep works within it. If your project is not extensive, any discounts provided by getting goods at wholesale may be negligible compared to the cost of paying for the garden designer. A good compromise if you’re struggling with the design is to pay for a garden design blueprint and then do the planting yourself if possible.


It’s essential to go with a reputable landscaping company to cut down on the possibility of ruining your garden. Trying to save money on a cheaper option may cost more money in the long run. Ask for recommendations and check credentials to ensure you’re hiring a reputable firm.

Less Flexibility

While a garden designer aims to work with you to give you the garden you want, changing your mind a lot will cause issues. Building your garden by yourself gives you scope to make changes at will until you’re happy with the result. Once a professional plan has been made, anything beyond minor tweaks will frustrate the designer, possibly seeing them quit. So, if you like to change your mind a lot, it may not be the best approach.

Now you have the pros and cons; you can decide whether to hire a garden design company or attempt a DIY garden redesign.

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