The most common injuries sustained in car accidents

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Being in a car accident can turn your life upside down. From having your car destroyed to dealing with psychological trauma and the physical injuries, not forgetting a police investigation and a personal injury case.

If you weren’t at fault, then pursuing a personal injury claim after a car accident makes total sense, after all, you’re probably going to be burdened with spiralling medical bills and unable to work for the foreseeable future, so receiving compensation for many victims is crucial. Check out this Dublin OH Car Accident Lawyer for more info.

So, what injuries are you likely to be able to claim for? Here we’ll take a look at the most common injuries sustained in car accidents.


Whiplash is hugely common in car accidents, usually because of the motion that occurs during an impact. Ligament and tendons in the neck as well as other soft tissues are strained and often damaged due to them being moved faster than they would naturally. This kind of injury is incredibly painful, debilitating and it can take a long time to fully heal.

Head injuries

Whether you’ve been thrown from your seat into the back of the driver, you hit the steering wheel, the dashboard, or the window, or you were thrown violently around, the severity of head injuries can range from a concussion to traumatic and life-threatening. Head and brain injuries aren’t always easy to diagnose, which means extensive treatments and complications are also common.

Broken bones

Legs, hips, arms, shoulders etc are all common after a car accident. A strong force of impact can have a devastating effect on our bodies, which means it’s our bones that often pay the price. These kinds of breaks can take months to repair as well as entail potential surgeries and time off work.

Cuts and lacerations

Cuts from broken glass, twisted metal or even lacerations from objects flying through the air on impact. These cuts might seem superficial, but they can be incredibly painful, require stitches and even surgery to repair tendons and check for nerve damage. There may also be scarring involved which can have a severe impact on your mental health.

Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding will require critical care, surgery and a race against time. Internal injuries are common after car accidents and not always immediately picked up on, this is why getting yourself checked out after a crash is essential.


Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs after being involved in or even witnessing a traumatic event. It can be incredibly debilitating and impact your ability to live your life. This mental condition is common after car accidents.

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