The Best Summer Activities In Ireland

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Holidaying in the UK is a great way to save money and avoid the hassle of long distance travelling. There are some amazing places to visit right here at home but we often neglect them. Ireland is a particularly great destination that has plenty of amazing activities and sights to see. If you’re stuck for holiday ideas this summer, here’s what Ireland has to offer.


If you’re a music fan then Ireland is the perfect summer destination for you because there are loads of great festivals there. The Westport Folk and Bluegrass festival is a favourite, as is the Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival if you want something a bit more modern. There are some brilliant food festivals on during the summer too, the West Cork Food Festival, in particular, is worth going to.

The Guinness Factory

Think of Ireland and you’re probably thinking of Guinness. The Guinness factory is probably the biggest tourist attraction in the country and it’s got so much more to offer than brewery tours. The brewery tours are still worth going on but they also have a whole host of events in the Guinness Storehouse this Summer; big food and beer festivals like Meatopia offer delicious BBQ’s and all the samples of Guinness you could ever want. Even if you aren’t that interested in beer, the Guinness factory is still a must while you’re in Ireland.


Surfing doesn’t immediately jump to mind when you think of Ireland but all along the west coast, you can find some great spots. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find some great beaches with excellent waves for surfing. If you are a beginner, there are some surf schools where you can learn the basics.


If you’re taking a UK trip to save money on travel, you can save even more if you decide to go camping instead of staying in a hotel. There are some beautiful landscapes in the country that are the perfect backdrop to a summer camping trip. If you’re not too keen on the idea of staying in a tent, there are some caravan parks and glamping locations that offer the same freedom but with a bit more comfort. There’s nothing quite like hiking around the mountains and picturesque landscapes of Ireland in the hot weather.


St. Patrick’s day is the biggest Irish celebration of the year and everybody has heard of it, but not that many people have heard of Bloomsday, often called the St. Patrick’s day of the summer. June 16th is the day that the novel Ulysses, by famous Irish novelist James Joyce. Bloomsday is a celebration of Ulysses and the rest of Joyce’s work. There are all sorts of events celebrating Irish literature and culture in general with readings of his work and literary pub crawls.

These are just some of the amazing things that are on offer in Ireland every summer. Next time you’re planning a holiday, don’t look so far afield, just head to Ireland instead.

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