Why You Should Start Growing Vegetables


Growing your own vegetables is more than just a fun task to do with your children. If you are willing to buy some proper equipment, like the stuff sold by First Tunnels, you’ll have your garden or allotment jam-packed with beautifully coloured and healthy vegetables. The question is, why are these homegrown veggies better than the supermarket bought ones?

You Have More Variety

Have you ever been flicking through your recipe book, or online boards and recipes and stumbled across an unrecognisable vegetable? You go to your local veg seller for them to tell you that they occasionally stock it, but unfortunately haven’t had any in for months? It’s annoying, and although we all love familiar vegetables, it’s nice to have a variety sometimes. If the weather conditions are right, you’ll be able to grow your own wide variety of vegetables! Yum.

Less Pesticide

Most vegetables we buy from supermarkets have been sprayed with copious amounts of pesticide. Yes, organic ranges are often available, but the variety is poor and they’re often very expensive. Grow your own vegetables and you’ll be in charge of exactly how they’re grown and what products are used, giving you a peace of mind if you’re worried about all those harsh chemicals.

It’s Cheaper

Whilst the initial cost of growing your own vegetables may be off-putting (for purchasing all the equipment etc), in the long run, you’ll save a lot of money. Seeds and growing vegetables from other vegetables are cheap, and you’ll save money by only picking what you need – less heads to the bin!

Feel good

Growing your own vegetables will help you feel great. The sense of satisfaction from when you pick ready to eat vegetables from your plot, to preparing a delicious meal for the family will have you smiling from ear to ear.


Vegetables in shops may look fresh, but how long have they been in transit? Quite often a fair few days. This means that the vegetables are not at their best. Growing your own produce means that if the vegetable is ready, you’ll be able to have it from garden to plate in a matter of minutes.

You’ll Appreciate the Seasons

Force growing vegetables out of season results in vegetables that are not of the highest quality, and it also makes us all a little spoilt. Try growing all of your vegetables for the seasons they would naturally thrive in. You’ll find yourself getting excited to be able to taste wonderful vegetables in season; you’ll appreciate them more and they’ll taste so much better.

You’ll Eat Better

If you find yourself always struggling to eat vegetables, growing your own veg will help you eat more. It’s easier to throw away fruit and vegetables that you’ve paid a few quid for, but if you’ve spent months preparing your plot and equipment, followed by months taking care of your growing vegetables, you’re less likely to chuck them in the bin.

Experiment with Your Food

You may decide to grow vegetables that are not commonly seen in your local market. This is a great way to cook up some new and exciting dishes for you and your family.

Great for the Environment

Vegetables that are seen in supermarkets and even sometimes local markets have often been imported. The transportation and the packaging involved in this process has a massive impact on the environment. Do your bit to keeping the planet greener by growing your own delicious fruit and vegetables.

Keep Fit

Gardening is fantastic exercise and it’s fun. Don’t waste money on an unused gym membership, get yourself in the garden instead, and follow it up with a healthy meal cooked from the vegetables you’ve grown.

The Taste is the Best

Quite often, supermarkets cannot keep up with the demand for consumers. This, unfortunately, happens with vegetables, they’re often grown too quickly and are picked early, making the vegetables low in quality. These vegetables may seem delicious, until you grow your own. The taste of a vegetable that has been grown lovingly will blow any other vegetable you’ve ever had out of the water.

It’s Not as Difficult as You May Think

If you’ve been reading this article thinking that the benefits sound great, but you’ve never grown your own plants or produce before, and are therefore worried about how difficult it may be, don’t worry! Growing vegetables for yourself or family may have its challenges, but it’s more fun than stressful. Invest in some good tools and hope for good seasonal conditions and you can do it!

What are you waiting for? Start growing your own vegetables today for your health, bank balance, and taste buds.

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