Should Your Business Switch To LED Lighting?

LED Lighting

I don’t know if you’ve heard recently, but there’s a buzz going around about the benefits of LED lighting. Businesses seem to be switching to it in their droves, but what’s so great about it in the first place? We’re going to nail down the facts about this type of lighting for your business, and whether it’s as good as it sounds.


When it comes to cost, LED lighting is anything but cheap. Unfortunately, the initial outlay isn’t going to leave your wallet feeling all that hefty. But, stick with us here. The big cost benefit of LED lighting presents itself down the road. As we’ll discuss a little bit later, it’s the energy saving benefits that make it a good choice, saving money as you go. So, this one is somewhat of a tie. It’s an expensive purchase, but it’ll do you well in the future.


There’s no question about this one. LED lighting has this category nailed down! Firstly, it has been largely claimed that LED lights have a better lifespan than traditional ones. And, while traditional lights often tend to burn out, LED lights simply fade out. So, even if they’re on their way to extinction, they’ll still provide a certain amount of light until that time arrives. Another benefit of LED lighting is its future-proof qualities. Multiple large companies have invested in LED lighting as the future of office illumination.

Energy Saving

So, let’s look at energy saving in a bit more detail. Once you’ve paid the initial investment into LED lighting, you’ll benefit in multiple ways. Ultimately, LED lights use less energy than the competition, helping to save both your finances and the environment. Your monthly overhead should be slashed considerably as a result of this. In many cases, businesses also gain an improved reputation due to their use of eco-friendly lighting.


The topic of maintenance can divide those who are looking to install LED lighting. Some will suggest that it requires much less maintenance than a traditional setup. Others will suggest that LED lighting actually has a much bigger failure rate over the competition.

Here’s what it comes down to: quality. If you invest in quality LED lighting and get a good electrician to install it, you’ll almost certainly benefit. When doing this, your LED lights should have a lifespan of multiple years, and maintenance will be a rare consideration. But, if you go for cheap LED lighting, there are no guarantees you’ll benefit.

Light Quality

Again, light quality can sometimes be a dividing topic. In theory, you should get much better quality of lighting from a LED solution. But, if you’re not willing to invest, that won’t necessarily be the case. With good LED lighting, the potential for a more productive workplace is very real. Also, you’ll never need to wait for a light bulb to ‘warm up’ again…LED lights instantly hit full brightness!

So, should your business switch to LED lighting? If you’re willing to invest in an improved lighting system for both now and the future, then definitely. If your finances are simply too tight, you might need to wait a while.

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