Selling Your Vehicle: The Do’s And Don’ts

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Many of us have vehicles that we need to get us from one place to the next, and often we might need to upgrade them for various reasons. Your motoring interests might change such as going from a car to a motorcycle, or it may be that you need something bigger to support a growing family or a change in career direction. Whatever the reason, we all want to get the maximum value for our vehicle. So how do you do it? Here are some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to selling yours.

Don’t mislead or misdescribe

One of the things that you should never do when it comes to your advertisement for your vehicle is to misdescribe it. People will be so quick to be disappointed and not take into account anything else you say if they turn up to find that you have advertised wrong information. Be exact with mileage figures, be honest about damage, if there is any. These things can make all the difference and enable a potential buyer to trust you when attending to view the vehicle.

Do present it in its best possible light

You will want to make sure that you do all that you can to present the vehicle in the best possible light, and one of the ways to do that is making sure it is clean. Websites like have some great tips to help you clean up your motorbike, and there are tutorials on how to polish up a car. Presenting a vehicle in the right way just adds to your chances of making a sale quickly.

Don’t sell if there is outstanding interest

Of course, as big thing to consider is whether or not the vehicle you are trying to sell has any outstanding finance of hire purchase on it. This is where you would have used a financial service such as this to make your original purchase. You can’t sell a vehicle where there is an invested interest from another source. This is when you need to pay off any outstanding amount before the sale can be completed.

Do be accommodating to potential buyers

It may sound trivial, but accommodating to potential buyers could work in your favour. If they want to view the vehicle at a specific time, do you best to enable that to happen. If extra pictures need to be taken, get them done. It is hard to make a sale when there is a lot of choice out there, so if you can accommodate buyers then it will work in your favour to get yours sold sooner rather than later.

Don’t always take the first offer

Finally, you shouldn’t always take the first offer, unless you are happy with it. There will be a bottom line figure that you will have in your mind, but don’t always be tempted by the first offer. Holding out could give you the chance of having that offer increased, and therefore being much better off.

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to selling your vehicle.

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