Everything You Need To Know About The Dewalt DCD777C2


If you’re a big fan of DIY, then there’s a good chance that you rely on power tools to get the job done. And perhaps no power tool brand is more well-known than Dewalt, with its legendary reliability and black and yellow colour scheme.

Dewalt is the go-to company for amateurs and professionals alike, offering a range of power tools all at a compelling price. The Dewalt DCD777C2 is a power drill that is suited for light and medium-intensity jobs around the house. Think furniture assembly and general household DIY.

The drill takes advantage of lithium-ion batteries, meaning that users can carry it wherever they like and don’t have to be tethered to a plug socket. Dewalt includes not one but two battery packs with the DCD777C2, allowing you to charge one while running down the other. Dewalt wants to eliminate the tradeoff between having to wait for batteries to recharge and being able to use the tool wherever and whenever you like.

Granted, if you’re doing professional work, you’ll probably want to have more than two batteries on the go at any one time. Although the quality of lithium-ion batteries from Dewalt has gone up over time, there’s still a risk that you’ll run out of charge if you limit yourself to just two packs. But for the average DIY enthusiast, there should be a problem. Each battery provides ample charge.

Check out the following infographic which gives detailed information about the Dewalt DCD777C2 power drill, including what you can use it for and who its target audience is.

Infographic designed by ToolCrowd

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