Why We Should Move Our Family Vacations To Winter


It seems to have become the norm that families take their vacations in the summer while their hometown is warm, to visit other warm places. It’s mostly because the kids are off school and probably in part because we get more of an itch to travel when we’re not trying to put off hibernation.  But I reckon there’s a case to be made for moving family vacations to the winter months.

There is more adventure

Imagine going dog sledding, sleeping in an igloo under the Northern Lights, riding a reindeer sleigh, and ice fishing. You can’t do any of these things in Miami! Winter vacations in cold destinations offer a whole new set of experiences that you just can’t get on a summer vacation. Children get the opportunity to learn how people live in a climate so wildly different from their own, and the whole family benefits from the adventure. Plus, everyone knows that there’s nothing better than a hot chocolate by the log fire after a day making snow angels and sledding.

You’ll experience stunning scenery

Blue skies and white beaches are great, but they can start to look much like each other. A winter vacation offers frozen mountains, glaciers, and pine forests as far as the eye can see. And the wildlife is just incredible. On snow holidays in Lapland, children will be so excited to try to catch a glimpse of wolves, brown bears, lynxes, reindeer, and many other animals.

The costs are lower

Peak travel times tend to be when the kids are on their summer break, so holidays then will cost significantly more. While the costs still rise in the winter break, as opposed to during semester time, they don’t reach even close to the summer prices. So in winter you can get more vacation for your buck, so to speak.

There’s still the option to cross hemispheres

If you’d still much prefer warmer holidays, you still have the option to cross into the southern hemisphere for your winter break. With this, you get the added benefit of experiencing summer twice in one year, which has got to be good for the soul.

It leaves summer free

You can do anything you please with your summer if you vacation in winter. Large home improvement projects, a summer camp for the kids, or just a staycation for relaxing around the local pool and catch up with friends all become possible. Or, you know, you could just squeeze a second shorter vacation in, if that’s your thing. It gives you more flexibility to negotiate your summer plans when you’ve not lost a chunk to vacations.

It’s festive!

Cosy forest cabins, log fires, and hot chocolate are the epitome of good festive fun and the ultimate in luxury comfort. You could even take the children to visit Santa in Lapland. Celebrating the festive season abroad is an excellent way to experience how other cultures enjoy themselves, and you’re absolutely guaranteed a white Christmas too.

Whatever you choose to do with your winter holidays, I hope you have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

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