Styling a Sophisticated Living Room


Giving your living room a sleek and sophisticated style makeover is a way to create a space in your home that not only acts as a statement that yours is a home that indulges in the finer aspects of life but also acts as an inviting area for guests to visit and stay awhile within.

First of all, you should get to working on the architectural elements of your living area. In order to inject an air of sophistication into the room, and breathe fresh life into it, you should take to making the addition of decorative trim your first port of call. You could have crown moulding installed to the doors and the ceiling to make your living look as if it wouldn’t look out of place if it were a room in an old English manor house. You should also attempt to accentuate the architecture by adding window sills and other trims around the room.

When it comes to the furnishings, nothing scream screams sophistication and style like leather sofas. The rich look of leather-upholstery is a way of upscaling your living area without necessarily breaking the bank to do so. And what sits on top of your upholstery, other than yourself, is just as important as the sofa itself. The accessories you choose should only act to accentuate the colour of the sofa; for instance, you should place decorative and accent pillows, made of silk or satin, on it that complement the colour scheme.

And in relation to the colour scheme you choose to further the level of sophistication that your living room attains, you should always try to make sure that it is tasteful and elegant. To do so, a neutral palette of either cream or bronze should is recommended to be sought, but brighter options could include purple or royal blue. What you should also do is paint an accent wall that differs from the others and compliments the upholstery and the accessories. And no sophisticated living room would be complete without its fair share of reflective surfaces. Mirrors can act as the most glamorous accessory a room has to offer in placed in a position where it acts as centre stage and opens the room up to completely new dimensions. In regards to the positioning of a mirror, you should seek to place one of floor length opposite an open window: doing so will mean that the natural light in the room is doubled two-fold. Sometimes, especially when it comes to rooms that are trying to recreated an elegant Regency style, natural light is an absolute must in order to maintain a healthy balance in the room. You should always seek to find a mirror with a sophisticated wood frame when attempting this type of venture.

Styling your living room in a sophisticated way is a home update that is definitely worth the money, and is definitely a statement that you and your home are all about the finer things in life. For more help in attaining the perfect level of sophistication your living room, make sure to click here.

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