Match and Learn Jigsaw Cards Review

Jigsaw Cards

During the school holidays, we have been lots of various games and toys to help with education to get the twins ready for going onto Year 1 in September.

I recently came across the Match and Learn Building Blocks jigsaw cards from Hinkler and purchased the Word Sounds and Spelling Fun sets and they have both proved to be a big hit with the twins.

First, we tried the Spelling Fun set. This set contains 11 three-letter and 9 four-letter self-correcting jigsaw cards that feature a picture and the word, along with a 16-page spelling book.

Each completed card measures 10x10cm and is quite durable card. The idea is to match the spell the word of the image featured and only matching puzzle pieces will fit together. The cards are also colour-coded to help match pieces. By matching pieces and sounding out the letters as they go along it is helping the boys spell simple words such as cat, dog, fish and star.

Second, we tried the Word Sounds set. This set contains 14 word ending and 30 word beginnings jigsaw cards, along with a 16-page words sounds book. These cards, when completed, measure approx. 13x6cm.

It has 14 rhyming sets: each word has 2-3 alternate beginnings – cl-ock, s-ock etc. This will teach word sounds such as ock and ug, picture-word recognition, rhyming sets, spelling and problem solving.

Both are stored in sturdy cardboard boxes with a string carry handle, so easy to store and keep the pieces safe while being easy for the children to carry around.

Both sets of these cards are brilliant as they help with phonics, spelling and reading skills. As they are also a jigsaw they are also fun and entertaining and educating the boys in a relaxed way while playing.

We are very impressed with these cards and currently selling for £2.99 per set in Aldi, they are a bargain.

Rating: 5/5

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