Log On: Getting That Log Cabin Look In Your Home

Log Cabin

It’s become very popular now to decorate your home to appear more rustic and classic in style, such as the old log cabins. As they can help conjure up feelings of nostalgia, of cosy winters by the fire, or time spent with old relatives. The feeling of a nice cabin like this or a rustic country house is one that is popular with home buyers at the moment. But as it is so popular that means that it can cost a lot of money to get your own rustic country home! The next best thing would be to try and make your own home look like this which can be done for a decent price, and which will save you moving to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere purely because it was cheap! So here are few things you can do.

Going for mismatched items (which you can get from any standard thrift store or charity shop) can help achieve that feeling of being rustic. If you have ever looked at the old cabins, there would be a haphazard and mismatched approach to getting accessories. To do this, you could get mismatched door knobs for the cupboards.

One of the first things that come to mind if you think about a log cabin or a rustic-style home is the log fire. As the log fire is normally the focal point and you can rely on that to add style to your home. It can be done easily by recessing the grout, and by raising the hearth to give it that “dry stacked” look. Get yourself a rug to put in front of the fire and relax with a drink!

While it is not particularly feasible to rebuild your entire home, you could use sections of your home to give off that log cabin or wooden look by using plywood panels or buying firewood and logs. The more creative that you are with the environment, the more rustic it may look, and by giving the home be haphazard aesthetic by adding mismatched or mis-coloured door knobs helps to create that style.

And when it comes to creating the feel of a log cabin, colours are everything. Making sure that you colour the cabin with a lot of softer colours will help to balance out the harder looking colours of a standard log cabin and can help contribute to that vintage feel. So by using colours like light blue put up against the dark browns of the wooden floors or walls, it helps to really create that feel.

Finally, what is the overriding feel of a log cabin? Cosiness! Feeling cosy during harsh winters and long nights really helps to push home that feeling of rustic charm! So by placing furniture closer together really helps, or you could put stone pillars in the corner of the room, as it helps to add to the cosy angle while also maintaining the feel of the room.

By making the log cabin come to you rather than you go into a log cabin will help you to feel more at home in your own home for your family.

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