How to Help Your Child Get Into Their Preferred University


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When you’re a parent of a teen who’s about to head off to university and start the next step in their life, it can be daunting. But being supportive and being there for them when they need you is what being a parent is all about, no matter how old they get. We’re going to talk today about how you can help your child to get into their preferred university from a parental point of view.

Help Them Understand the Options

First of all, you need to make sure that they understand all of the options open to them as they start browsing the options. Their preferred choice right now might not be the one that they regard as the best option later on. So help them get the information they need, but also remember that it’s ultimately their decision and this isn’t the kind of thing that you should decide for them.

Support Them in Their Studies

Supporting the options that they choose to go with is obviously important. When they head off to university, they’re growing up and becoming independent. So you can’t control what they do or the paths that they choose to take, but you certainly can be there for them and offer them the support that they need from you as a parent.

Work on Their Financial Side of Things

It’s important to keep an eye on the finances and any potential benefits that are out there. This is something that your teen will probably be less interested in, so it’s up to you to be the responsible parent. Look for grants and schemes that might reduce the fees they end up paying. And think about how you can assist with them with covering the cost of their education.

Help Them Tailor Their Application to the Particular University

The application they send to the university is one of the most important things that’ll help decide whether they get accepted or not. When it comes to things like personal statement writing, there are lots of ways to slip up and mistakes that lots of teens make. You can be there to read it through and offer suggestions for ways to improve it.

Take Them to Visits and Open Days

Finally, you should make sure that you’re always helping them with each stage of the process, such as taking them on visits to the universities they want to attend and going with them to open days. This will help them make a better and more informed decision in the end, and that’s obviously something that’s very important. They might need your help and support with that when it comes to the logistics.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do to make sure that your child gets into their university of choice when the time comes. Of course, it’s up to them to do the work and to make it happen but you can be there to support them and help them in the ways discussed above.

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