Dealing With Mundane Admin Tasks? Here’s How To Manage Them

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just click a button, and your business will run itself without going through repetitive, time-consuming admin tasks every day? But of course, many administrative tasks are essential, regardless of how repetitive they are, so you don’t want to skip them. That doesn’t mean you have to waste a lot of business time going through those tasks every day. So, are repetitive administrative tasks eating into your business productivity? Here are some ways to effectively manage those tasks.

Use customisable software and mobile apps

You can get software specifically tailored to your business that will run many admin tasks and take them off your daily to-do list. You can even find off-the-shelf software with features you can customise to suit your business. These software solutions are designed to automate repetitive but important administrative tasks, simplify them, and get them completed in a significantly shorter time. For example, regular inventories can be arduous, time-consuming, and labour-intensive if you run a large warehouse. You can take advantage of digital solutions like the Filemaker Pro app to scan bar codes in the warehouse and instantly update inventory levels on your sales floor.

Delegate repetitive tasks

You’ll be surprised by how many business owners take on huge chunks of admin tasks. Regardless of how well you trust yourself, the last thing you want is to do everything yourself, especially repetitive tasks that can easily be delegated. If you don’t trust your workers to handle these responsibilities, you can always train them. You can create a video direction or capture the important steps they need to take in writing and hand it over to your team. This way, you can focus on other areas of your business.

You can also outsource some administrative tasks if you’re operating your business alone, so keep this in mind. For example, instead of spending too much time sorting your mail or taking calls, you can use outsourcing solutions like virtual mail and virtual assistance services.

Automate as many online tasks as you can

Automation is always an effective solution for those mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming administrative tasks. And it works very well with online tasks. You can automate email sorting to minimise your time looking through your mail. You can also set up automated responses to senders, informing them of the typical turn-around time for email responses. Aside from your emails, you can also automate invoice reminders, paying recurring bills, online customer data collection, online bookings, and even social media and digital content scheduling.

Adopt customer self-service solutions

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Depending on the nature of your business, you can adopt customer self-service solutions to unburden you of some responsibilities. This solution is especially helpful during the booking process. Believe it or not, most customers love to feel in control when booking services. For example, instead of placing phone calls to make bookings, you can create an online booking portal that allows customers to self-book while you save time.

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