Kitchen Decoration: How to Get That Farmhouse Style


If you’re thinking about redecorating your kitchen or even refurbishing it, look no further than to the charming and rustic look of a farmhouse. The style has been around for awhile, and Millennials point it out as their number one look if they had money for a kitchen like this. When you have money and time to spare, get your DIY gloves on and create a kitchen you’ll love to cook and entertain in for years to come – and it doesn’t even have to cost much at all.

Why is the farmhouse style so popular?

A farmhouse is a busy, familiar, and practical place. Every piece of furniture has a function and should be sturdy and comfortable rather than frail and nice to look at. Millennials became adults during a time when our economy was on a fast track downwards, which meant less splurging and more DIY sensibility.

Sure, they like a good adventure and wouldn’t say no to a gap year abroad with strawberry picking and easy living – but they’re often broke, unemployed, and longing back to a time that was simple and straightforward.

The farmhouse style speaks modern sensibility like nothing else and is a way to feel more grounded as well as reconnecting with nature.

What kind of elements creates a farmhouse kitchen?

If you think about the country kitchens you’ve been in, a couple of elements might come to mind immediately. Tins and preserves on display and ready-at-hand whenever the master of the kitchen needs them, a large wooden table for the family to gather around, as well as worn-out but sparkling clean wooden benches and cupboards.

Old, worn, and clean is a typical look for any actual farmhouse; when practicality rules and the kitchen is full of activity from early dawn, it will bear signs of time. Large butcher block countertops and a classic apron sink should get you in the right direction – and remember that any homely farm kitchen is painted in neutral colours.

Where should I start?

How far you’d like to go depends on your budget; if you have a bit to spare, you can start by changing out your cupboards with some older-looking ones in wood, and consider yourself lucky if you find some with a faded and slightly worn colour.

Anything that is antique and wood will immediately give it a hint of country feeling, as well as wire baskets with plants and knick-knacks on display. Try to incorporate these elements with your current contemporary interior design; you don’t have to go all out in one direction, and by pairing something worn with something modern, it’s suddenly a bit easier to make your favourite design pieces stand out.

Make it work with the rest of your home and don’t worry about streamlining it; a tossed-together look is actually perfect for your farmhouse kitchen. Pillows in different colours and designs on each kitchen chair, dinner sets that never seem to match, and a cup full of black coffee creates a homely feeling you’ll fall in love with every morning.

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