How To Make Yourself More Appealing To Prospective Employers

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Applying for a job and going on a date with someone are two similar things in some ways. For example, you must do your best to impress the person you are meeting, market yourself to them, and show them why you’d be a good bet for them.

Unfortunately, it’s seldom straightforward to achieve the desired results in both scenarios, and while this blog post might not help you get a new special someone in your life, it can serve to give you the tools you need to land that dream job you’ve always wanted!

The following explains how you can make yourself more appealing to prospective employers:

Improve Your Core Skills

You might have some impressive industry-specific skills to boast about on your CV. But, what about your basic core skills – the ones you received qualifications in from high school or college? If your core skills aren’t up to scratch, now is the time to work at improving them.

For example, many positions require applicants to have a strong scientific background, so getting some help from an online science tutor can be a great way to improve those core skills.

Become Active In Your Industry

One way to get noticed by prospective employers is by playing an active role in the industry. Often, that can be something as simple as being a member of a trade organisation and attending events related to it or even helping to organise them in your local area.

Trade associations and similar organisations are an excellent way to network with companies. You may even find some employers open up a role for you that didn’t exist because they want you on their team!

Take Some Time To Volunteer

Did you know that showing employers your charitable side can make you very appealing as a potential candidate? The reason for that is simple: it demonstrates to them how you dedicate some of your free time to helping others.

It also shows prospective employers that you work well in a team – especially if you’re working towards common goals.

Being a team player is a must when seeking out new talent in a company, and volunteering is a very good way of providing a real-life example of that to them.

Use LinkedIn Regularly

LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals. However, instead of sharing funny memes with people that are on your friends list, you can share your thoughts and concerns about your industry with people within your LinkedIn network.

What’s more, you can make such content public – meaning employers can look at what you say, and if your views align with theirs, they’re more likely to invite you for an interview.

Back Up Your Claims

Last but not least, make sure you can provide actual proof of any claims you make in your CV or covering letter.

For example, if you say that you were your previous employer’s best salesperson, you must provide proof of that with information like sales figures or the percentage increase of company profit directly attributable to you!

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