How To Make Your Wedding Unique

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While it can be nice for a wedding to have a few traditional touches, you don’t want your special day to feel exactly like everyone else’s. Here are just a few ways in which you can make your wedding unique.

The Venue

A unique venue is the perfect way to make your wedding stand out. If you’re not concerned with getting married in a church or religious building, there are plenty of other options such as stately homes, barns and village halls. You could even consider quirkier options such as castles, converted windmills, barges and even trains. Outdoor weddings have also become more popular in recent years such as beach weddings and forest weddings (although in the UK the weather can make this more of a gamble).

The Transport

You could also consider an alternative form of transport for your wedding day. Limousines, horse-drawn-carriages and tractors are just a few unique options instead of a car. You could even rent a double-decker bus and take all your guests with you.

The Vows

A lot of couples are now choosing to write their own vows. This could allow you to put your own personal twist on the marriage ceremony before you say ‘I do’. Not all registrars allow personalisation during the ceremony, so make sure to ask about this when choosing a registrar.

The Entertainment

Most couples settle for a DJ or a live band when it comes to entertainment, but there are many other options that you can consider too. During the meal, you could consider hiring singing waiters or a performing chef. As for the later part of the reception, you could consider hiring a photo booth, allowing guests to personalise their own photos. Magicians, jugglers and croupiers are just a few other options.

The Food

There are limitless options when it comes to food. If you or your partner has certain unique cultural roots, you could consider opting for food related to this cultural such as Spanish food, Caribbean food or Japanese food. On top of a main meal, you could also consider some late evening snacks (or possibly hiring a food truck) to keep yourself and guests from getting hungry. Then, of course, there’s the cake, which you can personalise in all kinds of ways from the design to the flavours.

The Dress Code

A lot of couples are now throwing themed weddings in which the guests get the chance to dress up. This could be anything from beachwear to a medieval theme. The clothing of the bride and groom could also fit into this theme if you’re not concerned about having a traditional white dress and black suit. There are tailors and dress shops that specialise in unique wedding garments.

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