Have You Got A Bugging Home Problem?


I bet you wouldn’t want to see that fella hanging around in your bathroom, would you? Do you hate when you see bugs and beasties in your home? It can be a nightmare can’t it, and it might even be embarrassing if you have guests over and spot a group of insects in the corner of one of your rooms. Well, you’re not alone with these problems, and the fact is that insect infestations are a lot easier to deal with if you know the truth about bugs in the home. You see, unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about why bugs appear, the type of houses that attract bugs and even how to get rid of them.

Bugs Aren’t Attracted Purely To Dirty Houses

You might think that bugs and beasties are only going to appear in your home if it’s a mess and dirty. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it because insects are like anything in this world. They have basic needs to survive, and that includes a food source. So, if you’re not a great cleaner you could be leaving that food source on the floor. As such, a messy home might well attract bugs but a clean home could as well. Usually, if you have bugs, it’s simply because there’s an access point somewhere in your home.

For instance, you might have poor sealant in the conservatory. If that’s the case, ants and other insects can easily dive into your home. In fact, if there is a large enough hole, you could find yourself dealing with what seems like a full infestation. In instances like that you need to learn how to control ants. Cleaning your home might not be enough. You’ll need to seal those holes and make sure there’s no way for them to get in.

Pets Bring Pests

Not always, not anymore at least. If you look after your pet, there’s no reason why your home should have any more issue with pests and bugs then another home on the street. You probably know the pests we’re talking about here. We mean fleas and tics. Well, the good news is that you can get pills, medication, and fleas to stop your pet being the perfect comfy home for fleas and other pests. That means that they won’t be bringing them into your home, no matter how many dirty hills they roll around on. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about hair. Pets shed, and there’s no way getting around that fact.

Spiders Are Good News

There’s a fallacy that if your home has spiders then it’s clean and it will be free of insects. But this is flawed logic because if you have spiders they are feeding off insects in your home and if that’s the case your home does have small bugs. Otherwise, the spider might not be there in the first place. So while spiders can be helpful dealing with other pests in the home, they are still a sign that there’s far too many insects lurking in the shadows of your house.

We hope these misconceptions help you understand bug issues in your home.

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