Getting Your Home Ready For Low Temperatures: The Winter Checklist

Winter Checklist

All homeowners must take precautions as the winter approaches if they want to remain cosy and warm in their accommodation. The last thing you need is for the heating to stop working after the temperatures drop because you’d have to pay a small fortune for tradespeople to visit your house. It’s much better to prepare for the worst situations in advance to reduce the chances of experiencing issues. With that in mind, this article contains a winter checklist for you to follow. If you manage to complete all the tasks mentioned below; you should not suffer this winter.

Servicing your boiler

The first thing you need to do is get in touch with boiler servicing experts and ask them to come to your home. It says at that you should only ever use Gas Safe engineers with the appropriate qualifications and experience. Otherwise, you run the risk of letting a cowboy damage your device and leave your family without heating. In most instances, a boiler service should not break the bank, but it will give you peace of mind. Once you’ve paid for that assessment; you shouldn’t have any need to stress about your heating system breaking during the Christmas period.

Fitting window film

The windows in your home are usually the primary source of any draughts. With that in mind, it’s vital that you invest in some window film and fit it over the glass. It says at that the product is not expensive, and you can get it from most DIY stores for less than £5. However, it makes a massive difference that your family will notice immediately. Hopefully, the window film will also assist when it comes to reducing your energy bills. As you won’t lose as much heat as you did before, your boiler won’t have to work as hard to keep the house warm.

Buying draught excluders

Draught excluders are straightforward products that you place at the bottom of doors to insulate your home. They prevent the circulation of cold air, and so those items should help your family to remain toasty inside the house. For the best results, make sure you place the draught excluders:

  • Under your front door
  • Under the bedroom doors
  • Outside your bathroom door

People who know how to sew and cut material could save their money by creating some custom draught excluders at home. Just search online for the patterns!

If you manage to perform each of the actions listed on this winter checklist; your family should have a pleasant and uneventful Christmas this year. However, people who overlook this advice stand a reasonable chance of encountering lots of unexpected costs before the summer arrives. Considering that, create your plan right now and set the wheels in motion. You shouldn’t have to spend more than around £250 to perform all the suggestions mentioned here today. While that might seem like an expensive move, it’s much cheaper than dealing with a broken boiler on a Sunday evening when it’s snowing. So, what’s holding you back?

Image source: Flickr – Paul Inkles – Snow House 3
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