Don’t Make These Common Errors When Giving Your Garden Some TLC!


We are always so busy creating our dream home inside that we often leave little time to improve the outside of our home. However, the garden needs some TLC, so that it looks fantastic. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that leave you wanting to change the garden before long. Here are some common errors people make when giving their garden some TLC.

Not thinking about new lighting

A lot of people add lots of amazing features to their garden so that it looks fantastic. But then they forget to add lighting to the outdoors which means nobody will be able to see them after dark. It also limits your use of your garden in the evening if you have no lighting. You should consider adding some solar panel lighting to your backyard. That way, you can place these around the garden and then it will light up your garden at all times. That means you can stay outside for longer when you are entertaining. It’s also ideal for safety as you can see everything in the back yard which deters intruders!

Not creating a unique seating area

It’s so easy to get some slabs to put outside in your garden to create a seating area. However, don’t make the mistake of not exploring the different options available. For example, decking might look nicer and be more durable for your backyard. Or you might want to consider new railway sleepers which can be treated so they are environmentally friendly. Having a unique area where you can place your outdoor table and chairs will set your garden apart from your neighbours.

Not giving plants enough room to grow

Some people make the mistake of adding plants to their garden without thinking about how much room they need to grow. That means, they often have limited room to grow to their full potential. As this article says, packed plants will have to compete for space, water, and nutrients. And additionally, they are more likely to pass on frugal diseases to each other. Therefore, make sure you ask at the garden centre about how much room they need before you purchase them.


Not reading up about the shrubs

You need also to make sure you think about the future of shrubs before adding these to your garden. They might be an attractive feature now, but if they grow too large, it can soon make your garden look unattractive. Therefore, don’t be shortsighted when choosing bushes and shrubs for your garden!


Not placing items in the right area

It’s so important that you visualise your garden properly before you start adding items. You don’t want to end up putting particular items in the way of others as it might block their necessary sunlight. As well as this, you should be thinking about the view of your garden from the house. Just as this feature explains, you want to be able to see the best features when you look outside during the autumn and winter months!

Remember to make sure you are thinking about the whole family when giving your garden some TLC. You want something which is more than good to look at; you want to all utilise the back yard.

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