Counting Sheep: Are You Getting The Sleep You Need?


Most people agree that sleep is pretty great. There really is nothing quite like falling into bed after a long day and being able to lay your head on the pillow and drift off into a peaceful slumber. Of course, that’s if you can get to sleep at all. Sadly, for most adults, getting to sleep is actually a pretty difficult prospect. It can be especially tough if you’ve had kids and had to deal with night feeds and broken sleep schedules for the first few years of their life. It might not seem like that big of a deal but going without sleep can cause some pretty serious problems for a lot of people. From stress to a lowered immune system to a lack of concentration, sleep deprivation can be pretty dangerous. Which is why, if you suffer from a lack of sleep, you need to try these simple tips for getting a decent night’s rest.

Replace your mattress

One of the most common reasons that a lot of people have trouble either getting to sleep or staying asleep is that their bed simply isn’t comfortable. This might seem incredibly obvious, but it can often happen so gradually that you don’t notice. If you’re struggling to sleep then check over your mattress to see if it’s getting a little lumpy or uneven. If it is then companies like are perfect for getting you the comfortable night’s sleep you need right away. The same goes for your pillows. If you’re sleeping on lumpy, uncomfortable pillows, then you’re never going to be as well rested as you would like.

Turn of the gadgets

We all spend our lives glued to our gadgets these days. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, thanks to smartphones and computers, it’s never been easier to shop, work, learn, or keep in contact with loved ones. However, it can cause problems when you’re trying to get to sleep. The light that many of these gadgets projects can trick your brain into thinking that it’s daytime and will make it that much harder to doze off. You’re much better off reading a book by a warm bedside lamp before bed because it not only relaxes your eyes but takes more concentration, forcing you to actually stop when you become tired rather than scrolling through Twitter for hours.

Skip the night caps

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink every now and again. However, drinking alcohol right before bed, while it might make it easier to fall asleep, makes it a lot harder to sleep through the night. Check out this article on how alcohol can make for a bad night’s sleep. A cup of cocoa is a much better bet if you really need a drink before you get off to bed.

Of course, if you feel as though you’re suffering from chronic insomnia that goes beyond simply not being able to sleep then it’s incredibly important that you speak to your doctor because a significant lack of sleep can be seriously hazardous to your health and well-being.

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